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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Negotiating with Santa

July 2013 will not be a month I will forget anytime soon and neither will August 2013.  Half the month is now gone and I am now playing catch-up.  Had to let a lot of things go by the wayside as mother's health is my number one priority.

Thankfully she is doing much better now and I can focus on other things...like the nightmare my Houston homeowners insurance has become but that is for another blog post.  All I am going to say is that Allstate or at least my agent has not lived up to the company motto of  "You are in going hands with Allstate".

My back has been killing me.  I am so thankful my mother is a petite lady but even as tiny as she is...it was difficult to lift and move her around when she had no strength to help me out.  It really makes you think about who is going to take care of you when you reach your parents age.  Having no children of my own and my family members being older than I and living in different cities, it gives you food for thought.

Dear Santa, if you are reading this I want to change my Christmas Wish List.  I no longer want a Tall Weathered Cowboy...I want a Tall younger than me Weathered Cowboy to take care of me and I am willing to negotiate the tall part...maybe he can be average height?  But he still has to be a cowboy!!!

It is 12:33 a.m. and I am waiting for the temperature to go down.  It is still 91 degrees outside and I need to water the trees.  I have not done so in two days because I have been going to bed early. The plus side in all this saga has been that I have been sleeping eight hours for a change.

For my bloggers that follow gasoline prices...this was the price at our local HEB in Del Rio, Texas today.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I am sure if any young, tall, handsome cowboys are reading this blog, you will get lots of offers!!

    1. No Dizzy, I don't want young...more like in their mid forties. They do not have to be handsome and they no longer have to be tall...average height or at least taller than me will suffice :)

  2. Gas in this part of Iowa was $3.29 yesterday

    1. That is an excellent price for your area Rob.

  3. The guys my age were way too old for me,,,lol.


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