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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A bit under the weather

Been a little under the weather lately. Saturday, I thought I was going to die but I am feeling better today.

Thought about driving to Wal-Mart or HEB to pick up some Nyquil but the sheer thought of having to navigate through a sea of people made me change my mind.  I know better than not to have some around.

I am also rather pissed off because once again my wonderful cousin has made "a last minute decision". You would think a 40 something year-old-man would not have to result to these tactics but I was wrong.  In case you are wondering if it is the same idiot that made "a last minute decision" to fly to Acapulco with two hurricanes on the horizon...yep, that's him!

How inconsiderate can you be to not inform your aunt and cousin until this past Friday that he is arriving next weekend to spend Christmas with us.  Who the heck invited him?  My mother's health has been fragile to say the least and I have my hands full without having to deal with him as well.

Just the thought of his senseless actions makes my blood boil...but it is my mother's favorite nephew and this is after all her house and not mine!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Feel better.

    Know all about guests who invite themselves...

  2. Well it might just give your Mom a lift for Christmas, and after all isn't that what this holiday is all about.. Merry Christmas Ms B :)

  3. Be sure and cook for him so he will "enjoy" his stay.

    1. jajajajajaja....I had not "thought" about that...I may just have to consult that Spice lady you met the other day and cook him a dinner he will remember for life! :D

  4. So, you are the one that gave my flu that I have had since a week ago last Thursday. Still coughing so much I can't get a night's sleep. BTW, what time should I be there for Christmas dinner?

    1. Yep, Dizzy I am the one that got your flu :-(

      Read my comment to Barney...you may not want to show up for dinner after that...jajajaja!


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