Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Visiting a sick friend

One of mother's long time friends has not been in good health lately.  Got a call from her son letting us know she was back in the hospital.  Today we made an unscheduled trip to Ciudad Acuña to go visit her.

Lucky for us the sun finally came out unlike yesterday which was a cold and cloudy day. Not too much traffic either way on the International bridge at this particular time.

When we got to Mexican Customs, no traffic whatsoever.  The automated light turned green and we were waved through.

Hospital General Acuña...

Stopped at the Gutierrez in town and bought a couple of items namely bananas, papaya and sweet bread.

Last time we were here this Exchange house was abuzz with activity and in the afternoon they even took down the price that they were selling dollars for...no price today either which again means heavy speculation.

A look at rates down Exchange Rate Alley today...

This exchange house in the middle is also a furniture store.
The owner always rounds my purchases to the next dollar so I
am a loyal customer...provided the exchange rate is right :D

This poor man has both legs amputated.  He got around in a makeshift
cart but he has some new wheels now.

Glad I was not in the line going to Mexico this afternoon.

By contrast the line coming back to the U.S. was short.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Those border guards are pretty good at figuring out people. I lived in Detroit for about a year and when I got company, I usually drove them to Canada going one way across the bridge and the other way through the tunnel. I had Michigan plates on my car, but the boarder guard said, " you are from Pennsylvania". I said yes, how did you know. He said by my speech. All areas have a peculiarity to their speech, and then he said that I was from western PA., which was also correct.

    1. Yes Dizzy, they do have an uncanny ability to detect the small details...especially the women border agents.


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