Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Monday, March 31, 2014

A week of doctor's appointments

Finally made it to the big city...no, not Houston...San Antonio, Texas.  The specialist will only see new patients at his Medical Center office before he will see you in Uvalde, Texas.  It had been a couple of years since I had made it to this corner of the world and glad to report I did not get lost. We left at the crack of dawn (8:00 a.m.) just in case.

Had I known how long we were going to have to wait (4 hours and 45 minutes) I would have stopped at Target, Academy, Harbor Freight and Staples.  Unfortunately, was not able to stop on the way back to Del Rio either as I have poor night vision and needed to head home.

Mother was very happy because she got to eat at her favorite cafeteria Luby's.  Our Luby's closed down back in August 2011.

Wednesday March 26th I was supposed to go see my doctor in Ciudad Acuna but it was too windy and cold and besides I was beat from the round trip to San Antonio.  Went on Thursday March 27th only to be told he took the afternoon off. No problem needed to run a couple of errands and purchase groceries so it worked out.

Made sure I was in his office by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, only to find that there were 8 patients ahead of me when I arrived...talk about bad luck!  He seems to be a popular doctor and the majority of his patients are from the United States as evidenced by all the Texas license plates lining the block.

Met a nice couple from San Angelo, Texas who have been seeing him for years.  They take Friday off from work and make a weekend trip out of their appointment.  There was another very quiet man in his cowboy attire from Sonora, Texas.  While he did not speak to me directly, I overheard him tell the San Angelo couple that his doctor wanted to operate him and he came for a second opinion.

Got some more medication after telling him I was still experiencing pain in my legs. Was assured I would "almost be" as good as new in 30 days...sure hope so!

Even though I spent almost three hours at the doctor's office, it was still early enough to drop by the beauty salon to get a haircut before the masses descended on her shop.

Want to give a warm welcome to a new blog follower Vadam Wetzel.  I thank you for your readership.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I head to Algodones on Wednesday. Thanks for your reports of heading to Mexico for medical issues. I feel totally confident I'll have a good time and be safe. Well, the actual appointment won't be real fun.

    1. I have read nothing but good things about Algodones and their excellent dental facilities. I am sure they will treat you well and I am looking forward to reading about your experience.

      Drive safely and good luck :)

  2. I'm always on time for appointments and hate to wait more than a few minutes. You are fortunate to have a nearby alternative for doctors & clinics in the U.S. I sure wish I could get a couple of my prescription meds there.

    1. The nurse that took mom's info and vitals said that the doctor usually runs late because he likes to get to know each new patient and that we could be sure he would take his time with her as well. That is why I did not mind waiting though almost 5 hours was a stretch but in fairness we got there two and a half hours before her appointment.

      In Mexico there really are no appointments it is mostly on a first come first serve basis. You are right the prescriptions are much cheaper in Mexico, I could not afford to purchase mine in the U.S.


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