Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A feline friend

I have been hiding out, this heat is unbearable. Friday it rained in the eastern part of Del Rio which left us high and dry but Saturday we finally got some nice showers here in the southern tip of Val Verde county.

I have been a little worried about my leg giving out on me.  Can it really be caused by arthritis? As Billy Bob would say...this sucks :(

We were out of milk and bread and other essentials so had no choice but to drive into town late this afternoon.  Glad I also dropped by the P.O. Box as it was full. Thankfully all went well.

Last month my neighbor and her daughter were walking their dog when I saw that they had another dog and cat with them.  Asked if they had added to their canine and feline family, she replied no, they belonged to their rowdy next door neighbor who never fed them. Her daughter and her felt sorry for them and would buy them food at the dollar store so they followed them everywhere.

I remarked how much the cat looked like my late cat.  She said feed him and I bet he stays here. Told her I couldn't because my mother is highly allergic and besides she would never allow a cat in her house.

Well today said cat paid me a visit.  I played with him and fed him a hot dog that he scarfed down so I gave him another one.  He followed me all around the yard. Told him he had to leave the cotton tail bunnies alone. However, he could have his way with the doves...darn things are always pooping on the cars!

Left for the store and when I came back was surprised he was waiting by the front door but that is as far as  he is going to get.  He will probably go back home as he is very attached to his pal the dog.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. "I have been a little worried about my leg giving out on me."

    I don't understand what "giving out on me" means. You can not put weight on it or it will collapse? Can not pick your foot up to take a step? Have a lot of leg muscle pain if you try to stand or walk?

    If it is any of those I doubt that arthritis has anything to do with it. Arthritis will cause pain in the joints (bone on bone) or ligament and tendons but not the muscles. If it is muscle problems I would strongly suspect the statins unless you have quit taking them.

    1. I would suspect it was the statins if it was not for the fact that when my leg pain began I was not on them yet.

      Back in December and January I was on my death bed with a severe cold. I tried to see my Del Rio doctor but he did not have any appointments for weeks as apparently everyone was sick as well.

      I did not want to go to Ciudad Acuna because the traffic lines are LONG during the holidays so I let it go. When I finally went my Mexican doctor he told me that when my defenses were down a virus has entered my joints or something like that and it had affected my legs. Here is the link if you missed it terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/2014/03/reluctant-trip-to-doctor.html

      He said I had a mild form of fibromyositis and it would go away. So far it hasn't and I have not gone back to see him but will in the near future.

  2. ditto on edifrey.
    LOLOL like your cat.

  3. The trouble with feeding strays is that they will stick around and not go home. You may have gotten yourself a new pet. . .

    1. He has a home Dizzy, just worthless owners that wont feed him...kind of like Walter.


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