Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Too hot to cook

It was another 102 degree day / 39 Celsius.  Decided it was much too hot to cook and make it even hotter inside.

The new Stripes has some excellent prices on breakfast as well as lunch meals. You can have your pick of several plates with two sides and a large homemade tortilla for $3.99.  That is cheaper than a hamburger or fried chicken at a fast food joint and a lot healthier.

Gasoline price without a Stripes gift card

Bought me a fajita plate with macaroni and cheese and corn...yes, I know...I like weird combinations.

Bought half a chicken for my mother with fried okra and corn.  As little as she eats this will last her for at least three meals.

With the temperatures predicted to remain high...I decided to also purchase half a chicken with beans and corn for tomorrow for myself  :)

This is today's price for gasoline with a Stripes gift card...

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. There was a bbq place I used to go to that had a Tues special, half a chicken, beans & cornbread.
    Seeing that chicken reminded me of the place, the only thing missing was that great sauce they had...
    Have you ever gone to a grocery store where the cooked rotisserie chicken is less than a raw chicken back in the meat department? How odd....

    1. Fortunately I have had good luck when I have bought rotisserie chicken in the deli department of grocery stores.

      Our local HEB has a half chicken special as well that is quite good for $4.99 or $5.99 but I find it easier to just drive to a convenience store and be in and out in a jiffy.

  2. What a great idea to buy food that is cooked elsewhere so that you don't have to heat up your house. My kitchen is the hottest room in the house by 6pm, and I hate to spend much time there if I can help it. I use my oven a lot but in the hot weather I've start cooking quickly on the stovetop.

    1. Dang, it was happening in other blogs and now it is happening on my own. If I hit Preview which I tend to do to see if I misspelled anything...it sends what I wrote to comment heaven....grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    2. OK, let's try this one more time...I am going to copy my comment so I do not lose it :-(

      Gypsy, my mother's kitchen is the hottest room in the house so I do whatever I can to stay out of it.

      Paying $3.99 for a complete meal is a bargain. Aside from not heating up the kitchen, I don't have to wash dishes either.


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