Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Amistad National Recreational Area (NRA)

I have been wanting to go to Amistad Lake and the recreational areas since yesterday.  Although late in the afternoon, was finally able to do so today.

Of course, I had to start at my favorite campground, Governors Landing.  In all my years cruising through there, I have never seen it as packed as I did today.  There were no empty camping spots, this one guy did not let that deter him and he set up his own campground.

In the past while all the available campsites were taken, it was mainly two, max four people.  Not today...there were tons of kids and family members...some had eight or more.  I was happy to see it being used to its fullest.

At Governors Landing there is also a large picnic area for those that do not wish to camp out but want to enjoy a cookout at the lake.  I was absolutely surprised at the number of cars in the parking lot, some had to park to the side.  It was filled to capacity.

For my Midland/Odessa friends...you know who you are...your favorite hangout was packed as well.

It was getting late but I had to go check out Billy Bob's and Barney's favorite campground...San Pedro.  Sorry to say that there was not even one person camped there.  I do not know why more people do not use it.

The Billy Bob tree
To me this campground is perfect, it is big, it is private and you can actually hear yourself think.  It gives the illusion of being in the middle of nowhere yet it is not too far from civilization and Billy Bob's favorite store...Walmart.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Thanks for the update. I hope to be back out there next January. Have fun.

    1. January? Figured you would be here sooner. Take care.

  2. As long as the Walmart isn't within sight, I'd much prefer the empty campground. There is nothing worse, to me, than being elbow to elbow with other campers, hearing their loud radios & music, etc.

    1. No Walmart within sight, I think I once heard Barney say it was seven miles away.

      If I am camping anywhere else besides Terlingua I enjoy the solitude.

  3. Replies
    1. ....and it's Ok if you want to root for the west but I really dislike those 2 splash bros, especially the mouthpiece chewing one. Neither one could play for Pop who would demand they keep their egos in check.

      Go Astros

    2. I have not yet decided who I am going to root for. I have disliked Lebron longer than the Splash brothers, though I absolutely despise Draymond Green.

      May not be able to watch the game as this POS Dish keeps on going out and it is not even raining that hard...grrrrr!!!


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