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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 2016 trip to Uvalde

We had an appointment today with the Uvalde, Texas doctor.  With wait times ranging from three to five hours and to mother's dismay...we usually arrive late.

At some point upon our arrival we are seen by his nurse who takes mom's vitals and updates any new information.  Today for the first time she actually reprimanded me for my tardiness.  Her comment went something like this " Your appointment was at 2:00 p.m. but you did not arrive until 3:00 p.m. With the new doctor you will have to arrive before your appointment unless you choose to be followed my Dr. X who will only be seeing patients in San Antonio."

Hold your horses...what new doctor?  Why were we not notified?  The last time we saw the doctor was 8 weeks ago and he never mentioned anything to that effect.  Well...she said...that is because he just recently made that decision.  She continued...today is his last day and you will be meeting the new doctor shortly.

Talk about a surprise!  We made up our mind before even meeting the new physician...we shall follow Dr. X to San Antonio, Texas.  You see it is very rare to find a doctor who apart from being knowledgeable in his area of expertise also has an excellent bedside manner, is charismatic, speaks Spanish but most importantly shows a great deal of interest and concern for his patients in particular elderly ones. Yes, he makes us wait a long time but in his case...he is well worth the wait.

If we follow him to San Antonio, we will not have to deal with mother's labs not being faxed or being lost.  The new lab we used Monday failed to send the results to him. The San Antonio office has a dedicated lab with at least ten techs drawing blood.

A couple of days ago we received what looked to be a bill of some sort, I almost threw it in the trash as I had never heard of Frontier Communications.  It appeared to be a telephone bill but with our home phone number.  It showed we owed two months but what caught my attention was that it said...Do not Pay, you are enrolled in Auto-Pay.

Called them only to find out that Frontier bought out Verizon.  When did this happen?  Again, we were never notified!

I am having a heck of time making this post even though I am using Blogger's browser of choice...Chrome.  Not even spell check is working for me tonight, so if you see a couple of misspelled words please forgive me :(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. How far are you from San Antonio? It will probably be worth it to follow the doctor you like. The good ones are rare.

    Your blog shows up on my sidebar just fine.

  2. We are 150 miles from San Antonio about a three hour drive because we have to pass through a lot of small towns and lower our speed.

    The past week my blog has not been showing on other blogs sidebars when I post them but hours later.

  3. Oh for the time way back when doctors really cared about their patients and not the financial awards.

    1. Those doctors are almost extinct Dizzy...thus our decision to follow him.

  4. Bad SPURS h/o all day. Hope its not the case with you, Ss. GSG!!!

    1. You got me this time Sb...what is h/o?

      I have a good feeling about tonight after all we are playing at home. The Thunder has already won the two games (robbed one) they were supposed to win.

      I am not going to like it if this series goes to 7.

      GO SPURS GO!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. jajajajaja :D

      If you are speaking metaphorically...No...as they played great until the last four minutes. The Thunder out hustled them because they did not want to go down 3-1.

      If you are speaking of an actual hangover...I have not had a drop to drink since I started my medication about a month ago.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. ....oh, well....it was a fun season....maybe next year

    4. Not quite ready to give up yet...but it is not looking good. What happened to the bench? What happened to Duncan?

    5. I am not into baseball. When I lived in Houston if the VP's did not use the tickets they gave them to us commoners.

      The ex liked to go and they were great seats according to him. The only occasion I did not fall asleep was the day Joe Sambito was seated near us...what an eye candy :) Got him to sign our Astros tickets.


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