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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Finally some rain

The southern part of Val Verde County is in severe drought condition when it rains it is mainly in the northern part of the county by Lake Amistad.  Thursday night we finally got some much-needed precipitation.

We go weeks without rain and when we are lucky enough to get some it seems to always come with drama. We had high winds, electrical storms, and heavy rains.  The next day you would have never known it was it not for my full rain catchment system and that the shade trees, as well as those pesky mesquites, had come to life.

April is one of my favorite months as Fiesta is celebrated in San Antonio. Though I have not attended a Fiesta event in years I love watching all the coverage on TV.  Saw a girl that looked just like a friend of mine and texted her to see if it was her.  She texted me back saying she was too old to attend Fiesta...too old?  My friend is a partier, how can that be?  After sitting on my derriere for a week catching all the action...I understood what she meant!  Glad I was able to attend this event when I was younger.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

NBA Corner

Though my beloved Spurs are no longer contenders in the NBA playoff that does not mean I am not watching my other teams.  There is a game or two practically every day.  So if you do not see me in the blogosphere don't worry I tend to disappear until after the NBA Finals.



  1. Too old? You're only as old as you feel!

    1. I have always felt older than my chronological age even when I was in my twenties.

  2. I'm laughing my head off because I am the same way. I ask myself, "When did I become old?"

  3. When I worked downtown we'd go to NIOSA every nite and it was a blast. (Late 70's - early 80's) Last time I went was about 10 years ago and that was it for me. Too crowded !!!! Don't like being pushed around by the sweaty drunk mass of humanity.

    We had a nice soaking Friday and needed it also. Hope that's not it for the summer.

    Go Rockets

    1. You were lucky to have worked downtown that means you did not have to deal with the parking and could just walk into the festivities.

      I have always wanted to attend the Fiesta Oyster Bake at St. Mary's University and it is still in my bucket list.

      The parades and daytime events are pretty much a thing of the past...will just catch them on TV.

      Go Celtics, Go Rockets!!!

    2. 2 other fun events are the Southwest Arts and Crafts festival at the old Ursuline Academy the 1st Saturday and the King William Fair the 2nd Saturday. Daytime events and good people attend (no rowdies). In a coupla weeks is the Lavendar Festival in Blanco - it is a very unique fair with great food, drinks and music at the downtown courthouse square and surrounding lavender farms - really neat people attend this (again no rowdies).

    3. I have heard of the King William Fair but not the other two. They sound like fun events.

      This year the weather was absolutely wonderful but the years I have attended it was quite hot. That is why I usually avoid daytime events.

      Back in the day my coworkers and I would pull our resources and stay in the pricey Riverwalk hotels. Between four of us it made it more affordable. Since we were young we enjoyed crowds and night time events.

      Hope you attend the Lavendar Festival and share some pictures with us, would gladly post them on my blog.

  4. I did all my parting years ago and then called it quits. Now I enjoy my peace and quiet time

    Glad to hear you finally had some rain, we need it badly here too

    1. I never quit my partying days...they quit on me :(
      Even if I wanted to go out there is absolutely NOTHING to do in Del Rio, at least nothing that interests me.

      I have been meaning to ask you, are your water rates high and do they put you guys under water rationing during the summer?


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