Terlingua Dreams

Monday, May 28, 2018

Heat Wave

We have been in triple digits for days and the forecast for the foreseeable future only gets worst.  Saturday's high is expected to be 111 and Sunday 109.  I do not recall (bear in mind I suffer from CRS) it getting this hot so soon and I do not remember it getting over 110 degrees Fahrenheit ( 44 Celsius) in a very long time. Montevideo, Uruguay temperatures sounds pretty good to me right now.

Due to the high temperatures, I have chosen to stay home for the past three days but tomorrow I will have to bite the bullet as I have to take mother to her physical therapy session.

I filled up my gasoline tank last week at $2.69 per gallon and consider myself lucky after reading how much more other parts of the country, as well as Canadians, are having to pay for theirs.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

NBA Corner

I can not believe that for the fourth year in a row the Cavaliers will be facing the Golden State Warriors.  I was naively hoping for a Celtics vs Rockets 2018 NBA Finals...do not know if I will even watch!


  1. Yes,I've clearly noticed it's getting hotter much earlier than anytime I can remember. Triple digits in May in North TX??
    We postponed a Terlingua trip waiting for slightly cooler temps out there...

    1. I am glad you noticed as well and it is not just my CRS :D

      A trip to Terlingua would not be fun with these temperatures and one would have to be in more cautious because of snakes looking for shade.

  2. I believe Canada (& the rest of the industrial world) has a high tax on their gasoline to pay for social programs, like their medical care.
    Mind you our health care industry costs more (we're #1 in cost, #47 in quality) but we pay for it directly.

    I just spent $2.78/gallon for 22 gallons in the RV.

    1. I had not considered the additional taxes other countries place on their gasoline to cover medical and social programs...good point.

      I lose track of where in the USA you are currently traveling but $2.78 per gallon is still reasonable.

  3. Your temps are a little higher that ours we are also in the triple digits and Sunday 109 F of course that could go lower or higher. Today ran out to pick up a few more veggies and hope I can stretch them out so I won't have to go out anymore as like you trying to keep the gas use down. Stay cool

    1. The early heat wave has made me sluggish. The only saving grace is that "they" revised the forecast for Saturday down to only 106.


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