Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Monday, October 30, 2023

We went from summer to winter in 24 hours

Last week and this Saturday we had sunny skies and temperatures in the low 90's. That all changed Sunday when our first cold front arrived earlier than expected around 2:30 p.m. We had strong winds from the north and showers that lasted until noon today. This morning it was in the low 40's, which for Texans is considered COLD

I spent last week getting ready for the cooler weather since I can not lift more than 10 lbs per doctor's orders. I needed to run more errands but was not able to get around to it, putting it off for today. I knew better...I only mustered the strength to go outside twice and that was to feed the cats. 😺

Del Rio only has one climate-controlled storage facility and it has a waiting list. The owner called me back in July to let me know that a 10 x 5 unit had become available if I wanted it. Unfortunately, I was not able to open it, as I do not have the arm span of Victor Wembanyama. 

That particular unit is located at the entrance of the facility and while it was around 105 degrees that day it did not seem like the A/C was set at 72 to 74 degrees as I was told. I have a little more than a year's supply of food that I need to move but it has to be at a climate-controlled storage. I'm still on the waiting list but it could be months or years until one becomes available.

In the meantime, I rented a regular unit at a location closer to the house where I am putting some of the boxes I brought down from Houston. However, I need to make time to go through them and get rid of things or donate the "stuff" I no longer need.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. Yesss. It got cold early!! Or at least a bit earlier than usual. Our usual frost is around Nov 15, often later, but here it was today! Hotter than usual, colder than usual, whatever. You're still being a prepper then. Not a bad idea. I'm so old, I might not live as long as my supplies, so I don't prep big time. I do a little bit just out of habit from living out in the boonies for a long time, but that ended more than 10 years ago. Anyway, glad to see you are back to posting for a bit!

    1. You always keep up with the first frost in your area...I have no idea what our date for that is...I guess it does not matter as I am freezing my buns off. The only good thing is that I sleep an hour or two longer when it is this cold. Tonight it will get down to 38 degrees.

      Two years ago when the A/C broke down during the heat of summer and it took eight days for them to get the part I decided I had more than enough preps. Then hyper inflation happened and I realized I needed to continue but not as much as before.

      Age is not a factor in determining our longevity. You can go to the beyond when one least expects it whether you are young or old or somewhere in between.


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