Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Governors Landing / State Park

It may seem silly to some but you have no idea how rattled I became when the only reliable car we have suddenly became "unreliable".  Not so much for myself but because I have an elderly mother and we live out in the county...not within the Del Rio City limits and if she became ill...I don't think I can depend on an ambulance to find us in a hurry.

With that in mind and my dream of the alternator being the culprit...decided a trip to the lake was in order just in case my brand new battery needed charging. Yes, I know that does not make any sense...but what the heck...it makes sense to me!  In particular a trip to my favorite Amistad campground...Governors Landing.  With the holiday weekend I figured there would be a lot more campers there but even though four sites were occupied...I believe only one was a real camper and the other three were just locals taking in the view.

Was glad to see high speed boats and regular boats enjoying themselves at the lake.

I had to throw in this picture for my Houston friends...it is a private joke :-)

Believe it or not this truck/camper made it
all the way from Indiana.

I was going to go check out San Pedro campground but missed the exit and did not feel like turning back.  So went to check out the park on Highway 90...back in my day known as State Park...it has a new name but I have no idea what it is, lol :D

Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun especially the little ones.  A lot of other stuff happened today but it will have to wait for another post.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Kids have the most fun. Don't you wish you were a kid again? Thanks for the great tour of the area.

    1. I certainly do Dizzy...too bad we can't go back in time. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

  2. That lake is the same as the ones around here. Hoping the rain helped. Somewhere at least.

    1. Nope TnT the rains did not help it one bit. The problem with Lake Amistad is the International Water Commission is always releasing water downstream to Falcon Lake.

  3. Replies
    1. Level is 60.74 feet below full pool of 1,117.00


  4. Makes me sick to see the lake that low. Amistad is one my fav places to go....when it ain't too hot or too cold. Hope yesterdays rains help raise the level.

    1. Wish the levels would go up too Billy Bob but it did not rain enough in this area to make a dent.

      North part of Val Verde County where the lake is...is in the extreme drought category.

      South part of Val Verde where we live...is in exceptional drought.


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