Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Rain / Headache / Mare

We got some needed rain last night...per Weatherbug .44 of an inch.  It helped tremendously in keeping the temperatures in the more comfortable 85 degree range...this morning it was a cool 68 degrees.

While my headache has not gone away it has been manageable but this morning it was just brutal.  I do not like to take medication but since the aspirin did not help...I took one of my pain pills that I usually only take when my back is giving me problems.  I bought it last year and to date have only taken one.

I went to lay down and did not wake up till a little after 4:00 p.m.  Wish I could say it went away but I still have it...even though in the tolerable range.

On the back of my mind I was worried about the Toyota...so much so I even dreamt about it!  Mother asked me where I was going...told her to start the car and take it around the block.  I know...I'm crazy but in my dream the car was dead and it was not the battery that was the problem but the alternator...thankfully that was not the case.

She was eating something someone had thrown
Look how thin she has gotten since the last
picture I took of her and her hair is falling off!

Later on in the afternoon I told Mom that we needed to take dad's car for a spin as it had not been driven in a couple of days.  With my headache and battery problems, I had totally forgotten about the poor mare.  We drove by where she is located and it was just heartbreaking, she looks so thin and her hair is falling off.  To make matters worst she did not even have water in her filthy ice chest.  By comparison Walter is living a pampered life.

Why doesn't the Sheriff's department do something?  She is in plain view, she is starving to death and has no water!!!  I will never know why in Val Verde County animal abuse cases go unpunished.  I did a little detective work of my own and I now know where she lives and the name of her worthless owner even though I do not know what good that does either one of us :-(

Good night.  May you have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. So sad. I don't know if they can help but they may be able to offer some advice: http://wingsandreins.com/

    They are the nice folks who came out and helped with the six abandoned horses wandering our street last month.

    1. I remember reading about those horses on your blog too bad they were returned to their owners.

      Thank you for the link Dave any advice is welcomed.

  2. MsB:
    I pray someone comes to her aid quickly.

    1. Let's hope Suerte.

      I called the organization Dave suggested and left a message. However with the holiday weekend I probably wont hear from them till Tuesday.


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