Terlingua Dreams

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 2013 Return trip to Mexico

After just going to Mexico on Friday decided to make a return trip today.  Last Friday was primarily for my mother to go to the beauty shop and we really did not anticipate having to spend three hours there.  Live and learn...NEVER go to the beauty shop on a Friday or a weekend!

If you ever want to go to Mexico and not encounter long waiting lines on the international bridge or the stores...I highly recommend you go on a Monday.  Crossing both bridges today was a breeze and no down computers encountered today either.  Still wondering why the computers of the Customs offices of three countries...USA, Mexico and Canada...could all go down at the same time and practically all day Friday.

We hit three stores today Aurrera, Merco and Gutierrez.  We saw a marked jump on prices just from our visit three days ago.  All fruit and vegetables prices are through the roof in particular my serrano peppers...but they are still cheaper than at HEB.

Even my medication went up and they only had two boxes.  If you are new to my blog...I buy my medications in Mexico because I do not have medical insurance and also because it is 80 percent cheaper there.  I have found that if you buy prescription medication you get better prices in grocery stores than if you buy them in the tourist pharmacy section at the entrance of any border town.

At noon the dollar exchange rates down Exchange Alley were varied...

It has been my experience that either buying or selling dollars you get better rates in late afternoon after the stock market has closed...it was no different today.  Ended up with a very favorable rate for selling pesos at $12.00 Mexican pesos to one US dollar with my new friend at the furniture store/exchange house.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


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