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Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013 trip to Mexico

Mom had been hinting that she wanted to go to the beauty shop for some time...but we have had so many things going on that it was put in the back burner until today.  Friday's is not the best day to go to Mexico or to the beauty shop but what the heck.

Did not know whether to take the Toyota or dad's old car.  Both have issues...the Toyota was the recipient of half of the stuff I had in my Kodiak Canvas tent that I took down a few weeks ago.  If I were to empty it...where would I put it?  Dad's old car needed to have the new license plates installed...something I have been putting off since October (my face blushing).  Guess which one I went with?

Before going to Mexico had to make a quick trip to the post office to mail off some payments and then to get some gas.  Prices remain the same.

The lines going to Mexico were not long but they were searching everyone.  Got a polite young officer who asked me to pop my hood and also searched the trunk and my ice chests.  Asked me where I was going and I said Aurrera (grocery store owned by Wal-Mart) and he sent me on my way.

As was to be expected for a Friday, our hairdresser had a lot people.  We were there close to three hours...which I put to good use by taking cat naps.

Afterwards we went to Aurrera for our monthly shopping expedition.  It was getting late, it was hot and we were hungry so I did not go to Gutierrez (a grocery store) where they sell my medication as well as those yummy chocolate cakes.

The exchange rates down Exchange Alley (name I made up) were as follows:

Since today I was in the market to sell pesos I went with an exchange rate of $12.05 pesos to one US dollar.  This is the third time I have gone to this furniture store/exchange house and the gentlemen that runs it is a very nice man and always rounds my exchanges to the next dollar.  That is a gesture I very much appreciate :-)

On our way back home the lines to cross into Mexico were backed up to the toll booths but if you have been reading this blog you already knew that.  I have no idea why the media says that no one goes to Mexico anymore.

With budget cutbacks or without them I have never seen all the inspection lines open.  Today there were four open...three manned and one where you wave your Passcard but can only use if you have nothing to declare.

Overheard them say that the computer system kept on going down...so mother and I being the dangerous criminals that we are..were not detected by the inoperative computers :-)   However for the second time in one day I was asked to pop open my hood and my trunk.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Do you usually shop with Pesos?

    1. Yes Rob, we have found it is best to pay in Mexican currency as different stores take dollars at different exchange rates.

  2. Wow what a long day,,,bet you were both worn out.

    1. We sure were Trouble, it took us close to an hour just to clear Customs.

  3. Sure wouldn't mind the Mexico prices, but I'm staying on this side of the border!

    1. Mexico is not for everyone, but it works for us.

      Take for instance a lady's hair cut and style at this shop goes for $60.00 pesos...that is the equivalent of paying $4.98 US dollars.

  4. Glad you got in and out with no problems.


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