Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Desert Cacti

It rained within the Del Rio city limits yesterday but not out to where my mother lives.  The only thing blooming are the desert plants.  Even those horrible mesquite trees are looking dry and dropping their pods right and left.

Most of the time these cacti look ordinary but today they are sporting a pretty yellow flower.

They usually blend into the landscape but for now they stand out as if saying...look at me!

Yes...those dry bean looking things are exactly what you think they are...pesky mesquite pods :-(

Since this blog also serves as a cyber diary...needed to document that I took mother to the ER yesterday.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. You took your Mother to the ER and not telling us the rest of the story???

    1. Nope :D

      Just kidding...Mother has been experiencing severe back pain lately. So much so that she is unable to lay in her bed and go to sleep.

      I have her sleeping in dad's old recliner (where I usually sleep because of my own back issues). Unfortunately her doctor is on vacation so it was either go to the ER or tough it out till next week.

      Thankfully she is doing much better.

  2. Those cactii sure do brighten up the yard.

    1. Unfortunately where these cacti are located they are pretty much hidden from view.

  3. Hope your mother is OK! We've gotten enough small rains in this area that everything is fairly green and doing well. I even hear they canceled the burn ban (After the 4th.)

    1. Mom is doing much better...thank you :)

      The burn ban being lifted is GREAT news! Glad my favorite desert is green and thriving!

      Just have to remind myself...three and a half more months and the darn heat will be gone...but most importantly I will be in Terlingua :D


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