Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What do you dream of ?

With as little sleep as I get...it is a wonder I dream at all!  Yet when I finally luck out and manage some shut eye, I dream of the present and rarely of the past...and of course I dream of Terlingua :)

When my Mom is dreaming she often talks in her sleep...I think she is calling me, so I go to her room only to find out otherwise.  The funny thing is that she always dreams of her childhood, her siblings. her parents and her grandparents.  She tells me she rarely dreams of the present.

This afternoon we both fell asleep...we were beat from all that has been going on in our lives this past week.  Would you believe I dreamt of Mr. and Mrs. Dizzy Dick?  Yep...I sure did!  I have never had the pleasure of meeting them in person but for some reason I dreamt of them...go figure!

In real life this wonderful couple have a beautiful RV. In my dream they sold it to me...but it was a different RV...an older one and it was packed full of clothes, food, miscellaneous stuff and even their three dogs.  I was at the chili cook-off as were they, but they did not like it and wanted to go home...so they sold me their rig!!!

Dizzy told me that he would give me a good price but I would have to take it with all their clothes and their three dogs which they would come pick up as soon as I got back to Houston.  Now if you have ever read The Dizzies http://dizzydick.blogspot.com you know they would NEVER leave their dogs with a stranger!  Aren't dreams strange?

Now do you dream in the present or in the past?  Do you dream in color or black and white?

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I sometimes remember that I did dream...

  2. I like your dream. Can I have a ride in your brand spank'n new motorhome?
    I can drive a motorhome ya know. You can sit over there in the passenger seat and enjoy to views. Fix me coffee an' stuff like that. Sammiches....

    As I aged, I seem to dream less. I dream mostly in the present as you do. Sure do wish I could remember what I dreamed the next morn'n.

    1. In my dream the motorhome was not brand new.

      Ok, you can drive my imaginary RV but you will have to fix your own coffee...I do not like coffee, you know that!

      Keep a dream log that way you can remember next morning what you dreamt.

  3. Most of my dreams are more like nightmares and I can wake up from one, go back to sleep and take over where it left off. :( On rare occasions I have pleasant dreams and wake up wanting to go back to them, but no luck. I guess mine are a combination of modern day and years gone by.

    1. I too can go back on the bad dreams and take over where I left off but not so on the good ones though I try :(

      I wonder why I only dream of the present?

  4. Maybe, just maybe, I would sell you the motorhome. . . Nah, I'm keeping that!! But the three pups? Never!! We took them to the groomer today and when we came home I told the wife I hate coming home to an empty home, no pups to greet us at the door. They make you feel important, you know.

    1. Dizzy, I can not afford your state of the art motorhome...only in my DREAMS!

      I would have to pass on the pups as well, as I am more of a cat person.

      Besides I am way too lazy and irresponsible to be a pet owner :(

  5. DD, you could take a nap and dream about the dogs while they're gone. ;)


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