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Saturday, July 6, 2013

What made me think I could actually fix something?

Dear Readers...I think I have lost my marbles!!!  That or Billy Bob  http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/ is having an influence on me.  How is that?  Well, Billy Bob likes to fix and modify stuff like no one else I have ever met before. D

It started as a minor problem (doesn't everything?)...the toilet kept on running.  Decided I would watch several of the hundreds of YouTube videos on the subject and could fix it myself.  How wrong I was!  If anything I made it worst.  What in the world possessed me to think I could actually fix something?

It runs and runs and over-flows.  If it was a square toilet the lug nut on the handle would not leak...but the toilet has a curve and thus water  leaks out of this tiny opening onto the floor.  The clearance between the tub and the toilet is not much so I can not put a large bucket to collect the drip.

You are probably asking yourself  "Belinda, why don't you just turn off the water supply valve?"  Well I can't because I found out that it does not shut off all the way and what little does not shut off makes the toilet tank fill up -(

Mother called her worthless plumber...remember him?  The one that makes us wait weeks before he shows up?  His wife answered and they were out of town on vacation...what a lucky break :D

I called a reputable and established plumbing company in town and they told me they would be here between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  The guy called me at 4: 39 p.m. to let me know that they will not be able to get to me until tomorrow morning because they were running behind from 4th of July calls.  His employees had spent most of the day digging a sewer line.  Do I have bad luck or what?

Like last night, I will not be going to bed as I have to drain the water every 30 minutes or so.  I certainly hope they make it tomorrow...because my back is feeling the effects of having to fill tons of gallon milk jugs...then carrying them outside to either water Walter or the trees.  Where is my tall weathered cowboy to save the day?

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Set the float lower so the water wont be so high.

    1. LOL Trouble......if' Ms B was to mess with the float....OH MY!!!!

    2. Trouble I have no idea how to lower the float. It looked so simple on YouTube videos but it is not easy to do in practice. They say turn it counterclockwise turn it clockwise etc etc.

      I ended messing it up.:-(

  2. MsB, The float level is the key to the problem.

    1. Suerte the float level is what I was trying to fix...the problem is that I couldn't...I made it worst.

      The plumbers were already here but I have another call in to them because the new float level they installed also leaks :-(

    2. If them plumbers didn't replace the ball cock (float thingy), are there other plumbers in Del Rio? The ones you have are incompetent don't know nuttin bout plumb'n plumbers. Sheesh....everbody know that.

    3. Billy Bob they replaced both things inside the toilet but they were in such a hurry to leave I only checked to see that the water cut off then I went outside to give them my billing address.

      As soon as I came back into the house I went to have a better look and saw that the darn new float was leaking. Called them back immediately but they did not answer.

      This is supposed to be an established company...hate to see what another one would do...worthless, that is what happens when the family leaves a company to be run by incompetent employees.

  3. You didn't use a big enough hammer. . . (grin)


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