Terlingua Dreams

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am running off with Billy Bob!!!

News flash ----->  I found my tall weathered cowboy...well he is tall, weathered and he likes cowboy stories :)

After taking a couple of days off to recuperate from my trip to the Chihuahuan desert and trying to get my pictures sorted it occurs to me that I have neglected to blog about the day to day stuff.  Not that there is anything exciting going on but remember I started this blog as a Cyber Journal for myself for when my CRS gets even worst, so I can read about what I used to do.

Since Billy Bob published in his blog that he had been waiting for me to make an appearance decided that what dad's old car needed was highway driving speeds to keep it from wanting to stall.  I actually got to 75 but quickly got it back to the speed limit of 70.  Last thing I need is a ticket.

Saw a lot of cyclist at San Pedro

Billy Bob was home but not out in the yard...said he was cold!  Actually he was sipping a cup and had just finished his post for the day.

Sadie Mae barked at me like the great little watch dog that she is but then came and joined me on the coach :)

Billy Bob kept on looking towards dad's old car which I had parked in front of "Sally da house" and he finally asked me why I had the car packed...I think he was worried I wanted to join him....jajajajajaja.

I took this today of what the guys saw not a good picture with the glare will attempt another one later.

A while later a truck came speeding down the campground...dang!  I had no idea Barney drove so fast!  He too looked perplexed and asked me the same question, lol.  Gentlemen calm down...those are my Terlingua clothes, blankets, pillow, sleeping bag, etc etc. that I need to take to the laundromat.

I can't bring them in the house because the campfire smoke while very enjoyable in Terlingua makes me want to gag when I am back in the real world!  So dad's old car is the recipient until I can get to it.

The going rate at the Exxon where Billy Bob fills up Sally...

I normally do my posts at night, therefore, I can not wish you Terlingua Dreams...so have a great day instead :-)


  1. Surely he had room for all that stuff too,,,lololol.

    1. Not with all the stuff he says he has in the compartments.

      Actually I was hoping he would ditch "that jeep" and hook up dad's old car...jajajajajaja!

  2. Have updated the blog with pictures of what Billy Bob and Barney saw to lead them to think I was running off with Billy Bob :)

  3. Boy, I bet Bill Bob was disappointed when he found out you were not going along with him. . . but I bet you left Billy Bob with Terlingua Dreams.

    1. Actually Dizzy I thought his eyes hurt, he kept on taking his glasses off, squinting and then putting them back on as I presume he tried to make out the contents of dad's car which covered the back window.

      It wasn't until he asked me why I had the vehicle packed up that I realized that he had been trying to make out what I had and why I had it. A relief came over his face when I told him....it was rather comical.

      When Barney came in with a puzzled look on his face and asked me the same thing...I almost died laughing. I think I had them going for a bit!

  4. I thought BB was all hooked up and ready to roll at day break. Man I love that LARGE cup of coffee, makes me think of my trucking days with that big old cup on the floor never to be spilled.

    1. This took place on Monday Joey. Billy Bob was hooked and ready to roll today but not at day break, he never leaves first thing in the morning...that is Barney's M.O. not our Billy Bob.


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