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Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lajitas Cemetery

Post for Saturday, November 2, 2013 - Lajitas, Texas.

After a kind invitation from the guys camp to eat breakfast I came back to my camp to take a shower. It had been a long time since I had been to Lajitas, Texas and I decided to rectify that.

The first thing I see as I exit  Rancho CASI de los Chisos is not good.  As I have mentioned many times on my blog and the sentiment is echoed in other blogs in the area...the heat (law enforcement) is stifling during the Chili Cook-off.

I personally do not leave the campgrounds after Wednesday or actually Tuesday is the last day I venture out. You better make darn sure you are 100% sober or you will get a free ride to Alpine courtesy of the DPS (Department of Public Safety) or as one blogger very appropriately calls them "Perry's Militia".

After this stop I did not drive far when I saw another person that was pulled over and a lady DPS officer was administering a sobriety test.  This guy bore a striking resemblance to JW of TFL but he was shorter, probably in his late 60's and drove a no frills motorcycle.  Poor guy he looked terrified!

It had been a couple of years...2007 to be exact since I had been to Lajitas.  Stopped coming once shower tents were invented, but that is a topic for another post.  This store did not exist at the time or if it did I do not remember it (I suffer from CRS you know).  Stopped to buy a 10 lb bag of ice and it cost me $2.75...it is a good thing I came to this town for something else other than ice since I could have stayed at the cook-off safe from Perry's militia and bought a 20 lb bag of ice for $5.00 and saved money, gas and aggravation.

During those times I drove here to shower, I would pass the Lajitas Cemetery.  For some odd reason I have always had a fascination with cemeteries though I have no idea why.

I guess seeing rocks over gravesites transported me to old western movies and how they buried their dead.

This being El Dia de los Muertos many had flowers and relatives visiting and decorating their final resting place.

Headed on back mindful of the 60 mph speed limit and going 50 mph. when a DPS trooper heading towards Lajitas stops and makes a U-turn.  Dang (actually I uttered something else) I just knew I was going to get pulled over for no reason other than a dirty windshield.  He rode my ass for a while...I am sure he ran my plates through and found I was not a wanted criminal and finally backed off.

I had already been gone for about 45 minutes or so when I came back to the same location of the first car that had been pulled over.  They had DPS, Sheriff's Department and an unmarked car at the scene.

If you want to go sightseeing....arrive early and do so before all the heat descend on the area.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Thank you for the tour!
    Any chance of getting you to talk about your shower tent? Do you use a bucket of warm water & a big cup or maybe one of those battery operated pumps... I am curious.

    1. I have used a solar shower (black bag that heats in the sun and that you hang inside the shower), a Zodi water heater with shower head, a one gallon garden sprayer and a bucket of warm water and a cup.

      I can take a shower with less than a gallon but since I only spent three days in the desert I was able to splurge and I used the bucket method this time.

  2. I am sure the add "heat" in the area may be necessary during the cook-off. Some attendees are not as law abiding as you are. . .

    1. I don't dispute that the presence of LEO is necessary during events such as this. However, it is the over saturation of DPS officers who seem to be under a quota and pull you over for no reason.

      It is as though they are under the assumption that everyone is a drunk, a felon or has drugs on them.

  3. Love old cemeteries too, but I've never seen any covered with rocks like that,,, amazing. Thx for the pics.
    We have the same with "heat" just before deer season, crazy hunters flooding in. I hate to even get out.

    1. I love old cemeteries as well...especially the ones in the Big Bend area.

  4. Law enforcement is necessary in a place like a chili cook off. Not only are chili chefs drawn to the area, but drunks and "crazy people" show up in droves as well. As a reminder, you said "they had broken arms and airlifted to Alpine". Overindulgence in the intoxicating brew of beer an' whiskey causes a sane person to jump behind the wheel an' do "stupit stuff". Like plow'n head long into a car load of innocent "lookers", kill'n 'em all. Criticizing the one person that may save your life???

    1. Read my reply to Dizzy.

      The people that suffered the broken arms were not on the highway...they were riding around Krazy Flats within the CASI compound which is private property.

      The event is patrolled by the local sheriff's office who by the way do a great job.

      The DPS car that rode my bumper had no reason to do so. I was not drunk, I do not do drugs nor am I a wanted felon. See the difference?

      As it is locals hate us because EVERYONE in the area is subjected to the same scrutiny without cause so they prefer to stay in for a week and that is not fair to them either.

    2. "The DPS car that rode my bumper had no reason to do so. I was not drunk, I do not do drugs nor am I a wanted felon."
      Maybe you need a bumper sticker that says "I'm NOT drunk, NO drugs, NOT a felon". Without that the DPS has no way to know without following you and observing your behavior.

  5. Howdy Ms B,
    The next time you need a LEO, go to the next bar and ask a drunk to help you...
    That's how the 'newly' accredited get their practice...
    I just wonder how many snattlerakes are under those 'jumbled-up' rocks, in the cemetery...
    Hope your day's a HAPPY DAY !!!

    1. Butterbean,

      I do believe the Big Bend area has to rank high up on the scale as being one of the places with an enormous rattlesnakes population...YIKES!!!

  6. Roger here. Around 40 Highway Patrol Cars used to arrive around 10 or 11 on Thursday b4 the cook offs. Do not know if that is still the time of arrival. Chili folks start arriving 7 to 10 days b4. Some locals do not drive from Thursday until Sunday. The reasons for stopping folks are unreal. Have been stopped for obscure license plate with just a little dust. Well, all the license plates have a little dust since the only paved roads are hwys 118 and 170. One time the City Attorney of Alpine was jail on DWI. He resigned on Monday morning.

    1. Exactly, you get my point! Why so many DPS officers? While I do not know the exact number that descend on the area I would be interested to know how many tickets were handed out and how many DWI arrests wete "actually" made.

      Bet they stopped an awful lot of people and no citations were issued. It must be a good money maker for the State if they bring in so many patrol cars.

      For some reason some readers feel I am criticizing law enforcement in general...that is not so. I respect the work they do to keep the citizenry safe while putting their lives on the line. These are the same people that have never been or will ever attend a Chili cook-off.

      Unless one has been pulled over, harassed or inconvenienced at this event you will never understand nor do I expect you to. You, however know what I am talking about.

      Thank you for commenting.


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