Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Readers e-mails

Apart from being cold, wet and dreary there really is nothing to blog about because I haven't done anything that would merit a blog post.

To the rescue come readers e-mails...that I try to answer in a prompt manner.  However, there are some e-mails that ask about the same topic or that are unique...so I thought I would answer in a post just in case there were other readers out there wondering the same thing.

You sound like you had a nightmarish trip this year to Terlingua do you think you will go again?

I did not mean to make it sound like it was a nightmare.  I already knew about the heavy presence of law enforcement officers that descend on the area and I chose to go out in it. I was just a little upset at being the target of their scrutiny but no big deal they were only doing their job.

The rain on Sunday...well that was a fluke...if you look at all the pictures I posted previous to that...the skies are a beautiful blue :)

If I am alive and well...I will definitively go next year...my 19th year.

Anything you would do different?

Definitively...for one I would not take that worthless tent I took.  Cheap mesh tents have no place in the desert...they get full of dirt, in strong wind they tear easily and in rain...well they are a piece of crap!

2)  I would not have taken as much clothes as I did

3)  I would have car camped

Any chance of getting you to post or e-mail me some pictures of naked girls?

jajajajajaja...sorry, that was so funny, I had to laugh :D

I have not gone to the "boob contest" in years!  I would have no reason to photograph "naked girls". However, it just so happened that as I was taking pictures of passer-byes this girl appeared on my shot. Then the guys invited her and her entourage for tequila shots.

Only because you and several others have asked I am sending you a picture of last year's contest winner as well...but be forewarned...it ain't pretty!

WARNING....If you are sensitive to offensive words and/or nudity...exit the blog at this point.

Ladies, just goes to show...you do not have to be a Sul Ross State University co-ed or have an hour glass figure to have a good time in Terlingua.


I liked this t-shirt...


The winner of last year's "boob contest" and many previous ones as well...is Betty...a lady in her 80's

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams and/or Nightmares. :)


  1. OK people...I am beginning to think that some of you all are perverts, lol!

    I am surprised that I have received a number of e-mails informing me that there is no nudity in the first two pictures...jajajajaja :D

    I am aware of that, the reason being that when one does a post...the picture that appears on the bloggers dashboard as well as some blogs...is the first image.

    I respect my readers and would never post something they might find offensive without first forewarning them about its content.

    Just in case the first picture did not load, decided to post a second benign one.

  2. I LO VED this post.....hahahahaha i'm an X of chili cook offs, and motorcycle meets.. lol. First year we hosted a MC meet, was just the women that got on stage and ended up nekked. I wanted equal rights!! So the next year, there was a teenie weenie dick contest,,,hahahahaha. Only 3 had the guts to do it, and 1 leaned over and fell off the stage and didn't get back up there.

  3. Glad you liked it Trouble. :)

    I would have LOVED to have seen the participants of the "teenie weenie dick contest"...jajajajaja!

    Back in the day a lot of men would flash you but once Brewster County Sheriff department came on the scene they pretty much put a stop to it. Not to speak ill of them but I liked it much better when Bexar County Sheriff department (San Antonio) were in charge of security.

    Bexar County officials have far more experience, tolerance and know how in dealing with large crowds for as we all know San Antonio is a party city and a host to so many large events.

    Brewster County officials are not as open minded when it comes to equal rights of the male attendee's or at least that is my personal opinion.

  4. HA! First year we hosted the bike meet, the officials set up a road block, to check everybody's ids,,,shut it down real quick when they stopped an official way up in bureaucracy, and the sheriff came out and apologized to all of them later.

    1. At least we don't have road blocks in Terlingua...let's not give them any ideas!

      However, if they did...there is not a chance the Brewster County Sheriff would apologize to ordinary citizens. Perhaps only if they stopped Governor Perry! :D

  5. Okay, I don't care who you are, boobies are fun. I like the spirit of the old gal who won - she deserves the trophy.

    I think there is a fine line that the law enforcement guys have to walk. I doubt very seriously that the people who attend these events are going to be shocked to see boobies or even the occasional flash by a drunk guy wanting to show off his little wiener. But this being America, there is always one jerk who instead of looking the other way and laughing it off has to be offended, and now, the police are put in a position of feeling like if they don't do something, it will be on the 10 o'clock news that they allowed people to be perverts. People suck and ruin it for everyone.


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