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Friday, April 18, 2014

Whatever happened to affordable eggs during Easter?

I recall from the time I was a kid to up to a few years ago, retailers dropped the price of eggs during Easter so the parents could afford to buy them for the Easter Sunday egg hunts.  I guess that must be a thing of the past because I have not see any sales on them even in the Houston grocery ads that I subscribe to.

Thursday I drove mother to Uvalde for her doctor's appointment.  I have mentioned before that Del Rio does not have any national drugstore chains...the nearest one is in Uvalde 70 miles away. Looking at their ad online was very excited to see a dozen large eggs for .99 cents plus other miscellaneous items that we needed to get stocked up on.

Of course once inside could not find the eggs anywhere, turns out they sold out yet their flashing sign was still advertising them.  Did not find any of the other items I was going to purchase either...good thing I did not make a special trip just to shop at Walgreens or I would have been pretty darn upset.

Of the one thing I was thankful for, was that the weather forecasters were wrong and it did not get to the high 80's.  It was a cloudy day in the 70's.  Once again the price of gasoline went up.  In Uvalde it was selling for $3.45 a gallon and in Del Rio for $3.49.

HEB in Uvalde, Texas

HEB in Del Rio, Texas
On a side note this time that we passed the Immigration Check Point in Uvalde, I noticed more cameras than on our last trip, wonder what gives?  I could only take this picture from afar since they tend to get upset if they catch taking a photo.  If my blog disappears this is probably the reason why.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. A friend of my nephew is working in Uvalde now, where a huge construction of new houses is.

    1. Uvalde is a very pretty town and close to where the oil fields are. I am not surprised they have a lot of new houses under construction as the demand is great.


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