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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

I feel like I have been out of commission for a month instead of ten days.  What pissed me off is that I caught it at MY doctor's office and not at the multiple doctor's offices I take my mother to throughout the month.

Did you know that if you do not visit your doctor for a year you have to start the process all over again including paying the hefty fee as a new client?  You would think someone would have mentioned this to me along the way...but I had no idea.

If I am going to be able to take care of someone else, I better be in good health myself.  Finally decided to quit putting off going to the doctor and got some female tests out of the way.  Hospital called to tell me that I needed to have a doctor to send my test to because I was not a patient of Dr. X.

What do you mean I am not a patient?  No, you are not...you have not been to the doctor in over three years.  Long story short, had to go to my former doctor's office and fill out paperwork. When I got there it was during the lunch hour and there were not that many patients there.  However, there was this rude woman with a horrible cough whom she told anyone who would listen that she caught it in Fort Worth.

She lost her insurance card and was waiting for them to fax it to the doctor or she would not be able to be seen.  Why in the world would she not cover her mouth?  I was sitting in the other end of the small waiting room trying to cover my face with a Kleenex.  Unfortunately, I had to wait to be seen by the nurse practitioner as my doctor was out of town and an appointment with him could not be scheduled until April!

The next day I was feeling lousy. I tried to stay away from my mother but two days later she caught it as well.  All because of one inconsiderate woman who at her age should of known better.

I can not believe we are in the last week of February.  We have not really had a winter except for a few cold days here and there.  In early February the trees were already covered with that green thing and now they are blooming.

A cold front is expected tomorrow but nothing severe or harsh like the country is experiencing up north this winter. My goodness there is no way I could possibly live in Boston, New York, Chicago, etc, etc.

As soon as those worthless mesquite trees start blooming...you will hear my cries...:-(

If you are from up north, here in the South we skip spring or we might have two weeks of it and then we jump to summer.  I am dreading it.

Guess what place people do not frequent on a Saturday night?  If you guessed the Laundromat...you're right!  The laundromat is about a mile away starting Monday the main road will be closed for repairs for a month.  If I want to go wash, I will have to travel to the north part of the city and then head back down south.  It will turn into a twenty mile round trip.  This gal is not having any of that. So true to my procrastinating ways, I waited to the last minute to head there.

I went at noon and spent two and a half hours.  Returned this evening and spent three more.  I was the only customer besides the lady who takes care of the place. That is one less thing off of my To Do List.

Only good thing about having computer problems and being sick...I have only used 3.85 of my 6 GB plan.  Wish AT&T would roll over the data I do not use this month on to the next month, like they do with their cell phone plans.  I am perhaps asking for too much?

Please forgive me if I have not stopped by your blog, I hope to get caught up with all my blog reading soon.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. What a racket is the medical system. You have to see a doctor once a year whether or not you need one? If you are ok why should you be required to hand over money to them. If I lived where you do I think I would only go too Mexico for medical care. I have a doctor just in case, but I've told him (and he didn't object) that I don't want any more tests.

    I'm so sorry you are feeling bad. That is how those kinds of illnesses spread, and you wonder where the people have been that don't know you don't spread your germs if you can help it. If it happens again you might ask the nurses if they provide those temporary masks - they should have made her wear one!

    1. I do not know when this clause came into effect but I certainly do not like to be forced to go to the doctor once a year whether I need to see him or not. Guess paying $50.00 beats paying $270.00.

      Going to Mexico for medical treatment is something I have always done as it is much cheaper and in some cases does not even require an appointment. However for more personal medical exams I prefer to go to an American doctor.

      I am very surprised those blue temporary face masks were not available as they are in many hospitals and doctor's offices. I could kick myself as well, as I had just bought some the day before but they were at home!

      After more people started arriving and giving her "go to hell looks" she told the nurse she was going to wait in her car as she did not want to make anyone else sick!! Too damn late lady....grrrrr!!

  2. Hope yall are lots better, and thats why i wont go get my blood work done. NOT gonna sit in the lobby with all those sick ppl.
    I got way behind too, what with my puter problems.

    1. Mother has to get her blood work drawn at the hospital and it is right next to the admitting areas with all kinds of sick people.

      Many newborns have to have their blood drawn and they are accompanied by their coughing little brothers, sisters and parents. It is a germ farm! That is why I always have masks for mother and I...which I failed to take to my own doctor's office.

      Not only am I behind on blogs but my e-mails are backed up as well.


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