Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A little bit of everything

Why is it that when I have full access to the internet. nothing happens?  Yet when there is a lot of things going on...I can't even get online?

I am not going to rehash my computer and connectivity problems, as you are all well aware of them :(

Tuesday, we made our way back to Ciudad Acuna to pick up mom's new dentures and to run several errands as well. The exchange rates went down some, which is good news for those wishing to buy dollars with their Mexican Pesos and spending them in the United States.

The weeds have been growing by leaps and bounds. Thought about starting up the weed eater but I think it is low on string and I do not know if I even remember how to re-string it.  Lots of videos online but not enough bandwidth or bars to actually be able to watch them.

Decided to use my hulla hoe but could not find my gardening gloves. Cut up my hands as well as got a couple of calluses...but what the heck, I needed to try to get a grip on them while I still can.  My back hurts like hell and I still have a LOT more weeds to get to :-(

The peace and tranquility that I have always sought but for some reason has eluded me came to an end this past Wednesday.  They opened up the entrance to the sub-division.  I have no idea why...as the project is not completed yet.  I guess there must have been a lot of complaints about having to drive to the north part of the city and then having to back track.

I would not exactly called this a completed road project!
Having lived in Houston all my adult life, I got used to the endless traffic and long distances one has to travel.  I must admit I have finally succumb to the small town way of thinking and a 20 mile round trip is too far.  However, since I do not work, the once or twice a week trip to town was well worth it for the tranquility and lack of traffic I received in exchange.

These past couple of days have been very humid and we have been very fortunate to have received some rains in particular this afternoon and evening.  The city alarms went off, but I have no idea why and it only rang one time.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

What can I say?  I am so proud of my Spurs!  As we go to sleep tonight...but only for tonight...we are the second seed in the West.

I only lost it  a couple of times this week, as I was not able to tune in to Spurs Radio WOAI and actually listen to a complete game.  Neither on the radio, my car or the internet!  Both of my laptops as well as the radio, came real close to being tossed out the window...but then I would have to replace the window :-(

Go Spurs Go!!!!


  1. I need some yard work done, too. When you are through with yours, come on over here and do mine, OK?

    1. Pull up a chair Dizzy...you might have a two year wait :D

  2. What did dentures cost your Mother in Mexico? I'm just curious...

  3. I have never been able to put a new reel on a weed eater, so I just gave mine away years ago.

    1. The day I can do the same to mine will be a very happy day indeed!


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