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Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014 trip to Mexico

For once I was not down to my last pill before I made a mad dash to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico. Two of mother's appointments were re-scheduled by her doctors so decided to make use of that time slot. In a way I was glad for the cancellations as I did not want to take my mother out in this weather. It has been pretty darn cold especially this past Tuesday.

Of course I would choose to go to Mexico on the coldest day thus far this year!  For those new to my blog I like to go to Ciudad Acuña on Monday or Tuesday as the crowds at the grocery stores as well as the lines to cross are not as bad as on other days of the week.

I shopped at three stores today Aurrera, Merco and Gutierrez.  Tuesday also happens to be "Martes de Frutas y Verduras"  which translates to "Tuesday of Fruits and Vegetables".  On this day they offer those items at a reduced price.  While you would not know it by looking at me...yes, I eat a lot of vegetables....jajajaja :D

Mother likes B Hermanos a store that sells quality leather shoes.  The two other stores of this chain are located in the downtown tourist area and are not handicap friendly and parking is a problem.  This one in the suburbs must of opened recently as I did not see it last time we were in Ciudad Acuña. It has handicap as well as free parking unlike the ones at the other two locations which have parking meters.

The Mexican Peso has been weak against the US dollar since December.  Last week it reached an all time high of $13.51 at the banks but much higher at the Exchange houses along the border per the Mexican news media.  Even at today's rate it is still high.

The lines to cross back to the US were longer than I had anticipated for this cold day but even at that it was only a 15 minute wait.  Got a nice looking polite young officer who quickly sent me on my way.

It is always nice to see this sign when you cross back home.

The vehicles you see in the background are in line
 for inspection as commercial  transportation.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I wonder if there is a sign in French at a crossing from Quebec, I wonder if there is a crossing from Quebec? lol!!

    1. Have no idea but maybe some of my readers from up north might know?


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