Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Monday, May 3, 2021

Ran errands / CRS moments / A/C came on

I do not know what happened to me today but I definitively forgot what it was like to drive into town.  I do not know if it is because it has been a while since I left home or my CRS is getting worse. It is a good thing I stopped trusting my memory and made a detailed list of all the errands I needed to run.

As usual, I got a late start and was almost in town when I realized I was not seeing clearly. I thought my face shield was perhaps dirty and when I looked in the mirror it looked clean...then it hit me...did I remember to put my glasses on?  I looked again, but I was wearing my face shield with a glasses frame to keep it in place so I could not tell. I took off the shield at the stoplight, and sure enough, I did not have my glasses on, but it would have taken too long to drive back home.

This previously would not have been a problem as I always carry spare glasses, sunglasses, change, and all the stuff most car owners carry in their vehicles. However, since I started having car problems I emptied the car of everything in case it burned to a crisp.

The first stop was the southside post office where there was not a single place to park so parked on the street. This older lady decided to do the same but she was not doing a good job so I came back and moved my vehicle to give her more room but most importantly to keep her from hitting me. I could not believe how much mail I had. Since it was late decided to trust this post office and mailed my payment from here rather than drive to the northside.

Headed to the City of Del Rio Recycling Center where I got rid of a large bag of magazines, pamphlets, and basically most of our junk mail as well as our metal cans. As I was getting ready to head to my next stop I looked down at my tires and one of them seemed low. Decided to head to Mario's Tire Shop instead. The guy's dad told me that three of my tires were low not just the one I brought it in for. So for $2.00 plus $1.00 tip, I got that potential problem resolved.

Forgot to mention that I also did not bring cash with me as I usually pay for everything with a credit card but this small mom-and-pop shop does not accept them so had to make an unplanned trip to the bank.

When I went by the main HEB the parking lot was full as usual so headed to Little HEB instead. I was in and out in 15 minutes. It was so hot I did not have the energy to finish the rest of my errands...they will have to wait for another day.

We had a high of 101 degrees today and though we have already reached both 102 and 103 in April 2021 somehow it just felt a lot hotter than that. Sure glad we do not live in Cotulla or Laredo! It is no surprise that the A/C came on this afternoon.

This evening Boerne and areas in Bexar County (San Antonio) got pelted with more hail.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Some cars have Tire Sensors that show problems on the dash. Maybe that might have been the problem you car was experiencing.
    Too hot too soon.
    Be Safe by wearing your glasses and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

    1. While my car does have a tire sensor it does not specify which tire is low. Though it would not have done me much good since the sensor quit working years ago and the light stays on permanently so I have learned to ignore it.

  2. So sorry that you are already in triple digits YIKES. We hit 91 but it didn't feel that hot.

    Love the quote about the x lol

    1. We had a reprieve yesterday with a "cool front" and will be in the low 90's until Sunday Mother's Day when it will once again climb into the 100's. Glad to hear your area is not so hot yet.

      Thought I would share that funny quote as I hated Algebra in high school and to date have not used it for a darn thing.

  3. Ha. I have sent the algebra thing to my old friend the math teacher. Good one. Meanwhile, it has been MUCH cooler here today with the front that came through...94 yesterday, 77 today. Sounds like you're not going to get close to below 90. Well, Del Rio was famous even in my childhood as the hottest spot in TX.

    1. Hope your math teacher friend likes it, it made me chuckle. The cool front was welcomed.

      A lot of people I have met along the way always tell me the same thing when they find out I am from Del Rio (actually, I am not) they say Del Rio is the hottest spot in Texas.

      I try hard to think back to when we moved here from Austin what the temperatures were like by that I mean...the air temperature because it obviously was hot...but I don't recall.

      When I lived in Houston I remember Lajita being the nightly hot spot in Texas but for some reason, they quit mentioning it I suppose because no one knew where it was and Laredo took its place.

  4. P.S. At least it's "dry heat." Ha. That's what they always say.

  5. That is too funny about you having to figure out whether you had your glasses on. I can relate, having had a similar experience not long ago.
    I also agree about never needing algebra. Our algebra teacher in Van Horn was certifiably nuts and I never caught on. I have often used geometry but have never needed to solve a problem with geometry.
    If you are not from Del Rio, then where?
    Our weather here is different every day. It was sunny today and at one point it was 92*. Unheard of for May. It quickly dropped down to 82*, but that is still hot for us. A big storm is predicted for the next 3 days with snow on Sunday. The weather forecasts here are never reliable, so we shall see. I ran all my errands today so am planning on cooking and watching movies.Let it snow!
    I always heard Precidio was the hottest? I saw a video where it said Presidio was an ideal place to live since it was cheap housing and NO crime. Someone will be in for a surprise.
    Take care my friend.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one that has forgotten to put on their eyeglasses when they have left the house. I have never had to use geometry or the real kicker that was Statistics in college. I had nightmares with that darn class and even years later I still dreamt how I was going to tell my parents that I was not going to graduate because I had not passed that horrible useless class.

      I do not know that much about Presidio, Texas only that its border city Ojinaga, Chihuahua now has a problem with drug cartels and human smugglers. While at the Chili Cook-off my friend and I went shopping there. It was back in early 2000, and it was a small, clean city with wide streets unlike Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila. It was the first and last time I was ever there.

      Before the invention of social media, Univision forums were a very popular place for people to gather from all over the globe. The number one forum in the USA in Spanish was "El Gordo y La Flaca" a then-popular show about celebrities kind of like Entertainment Tonight. We hated the hosts and the forum had nothing to do with the show. We wrote and discussed everything going on in the world. It was our predecessor to Facebook and I am glad I was part of that experiment.

      With that said I learned a LOT about what to divulge about yourself online. I am still friends with a girl I met in the forums, she was the one that named my van "Terlita". Even after all these years, she has no idea what my real name is much less my last name, nor has she ever seen a picture of me.

      I used to read all the outrageous things that were posted and then used against the individuals that made said posts to my mother. I suppose that is why she did not want me to start a blog fearing for my safety.

      If I could only tell you how much information internet sleuths were able to find about people that posted their full names, DOB, and the city where they lived back in the day when not so much information was available online.

      I know you have only been reading me for about a year but in the almost ten years I have been writing this blog you will not find where I ever mention my last name, my birthday, or that of any of my family members. If we were talking in person I would have no problem telling you what city I was born but not on an open blog where anyone can see it. Though I can definitively say that I am not from Del Rio.

      Hope you were able to enjoy the snow!

  6. OK. It's been a while now since you've posted....after a week, I start wondering if things are OK.

    1. Ms.Judith, my little worrier reader, what are we going to do about you? We were out-of-town and had no access to the internet.

      One of the first things they tell you is to never post you are going to be out-of-town or to post pictures of where you are at until you return home.


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