Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Missing Terlingua

I have been feeling a little blue today as I watched the Día De Los Muertos celebrations both in the United States, Mexico, and other Latin American countries that celebrate it...it was even covered in regular non-Spanish speaking media.

I could not help but wonder how many people had shown up at the Terlingua Cemetery this evening for the lighting of the candles at each gravesite, the bonfire, the impromptu musical events, and the potluck dinner.

None of my friends were going to make it to the Chili Cook-off for various reasons this year. Two of my friends recently lost siblings and one a mother-in-law so they decided to take this year off.  Others have health issues and some have decided they are too old to make the annual trip.

I do not think I have any readers in Terlingua but if by some miracle someone from there is reading this can you tell me if enough people have shown up at the CASI event?  Jeelbare did you make it this year?

I neglected to mention that I stopped at the beauty shop yesterday forgetting that in the United States beauty salons are closed on Mondays. Our regular stylist is in Ciudad Acuña and she is open every day except for Sundays. I could not help but recall the story Jeelbare told us around a roaring fire about him studying to pass his Texas beauty license exam! 😁😁

I need a haircut badly and willing to drive to Terlingua to get one 💇

It is still warm and waiting on the cool front to arrive sometime tomorrow.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I bet this year will be biggest yet. A lot of chili pressure has been building during the pandemic. A friend of mine who lives out there said, between both cook-offs, she expects 10,000 folks (in a town with 100 people!). Hard to believe.

    Sorry you won't be able to make it. Hasta la next year.

    Anyways, I'm going NEXT week :-)

    1. During "normal times" both cook-offs had a good number of people in attendance. Since I always stayed a couple of days afterward, Ervin and Betty Laird would sit with us and let us know how many people had shown up that year. Sadly, they are no longer with us.

      Unfortunately, crowds have been getting smaller, at least at the CASI cook-off...I do not know about the Original Cook-off behind the Terlingua store.

      I was in attendance at the last event held in 2019, where we spoke to some cooks who said they had lost a lot of members due to normal causes and that fewer people were interested in participating in the cook-offs.

      I am a little envious of your upcoming trip. Have a great time!

  2. Hope you get some good and informative news about the cook off.
    As for me, I got my first hair cut in a long, long time, and it looked a bit like this, only with more hair over the ears. Sigh.
    Oops. Apparently I can't post a photo of Moe of The Three Stooges.

    1. I hope I get some accurate news too. I'm thinking maybe the pandemic might keep more people at home. The few people that I knew that frequented both the Día de Los Muertos celebration as well as the cook-off have either died, moved, or given up on their blogs.

      I had to google a picture of Moe so I could get a visual...I doubt your hair looks like his. Blogger will not let you post an image in the comment section.

    2. I cant' find any news about it. I googled, and learned it was scheduled to happen. I hope you heard something from your friends. Would be nice if the good times were coming back, and I hope you can go next year....

    3. I Googled it as well even went to see if anyone had posted videos on YouTube as they have in the past but there was nothing.

      Technically the cook-off is not over until tomorrow (Sunday). Many people stay until Monday or Tuesday to avoid the long lines at the Border Patrol checkpoint near Alpine.

      None of my friends went they chose to sit it out this year while others decided to go to the bike rally in Galveston instead. If I am alive and in good health, I plan to be there next year for sure.

    4. You have my best wishes for that to be accomplished. You're younger than I am I think, but as life happens, we get bogged down sometimes. Here's to my reading about your adventures next year (if I myself am still alive and in good health)!! I hope to be checking your blog a year from now! (I'm trying to make it to 2024 when I will be 78 and want to get to Brady TX or Fredricksburg TX to be in the path of a full solar eclipse. Hmmm. Wonder what it will look like in Del Rio......probably pretty dang good.)

  3. I know how you feel as that's how I feel about my White Mountains, I miss them so much.

    1. You probably are the only one that knows how I feel as we both have a strong connection to our individual "special place".

  4. I am so sad you aren't able to attend the festivities in Terlingua. It sounds as though you have a lot of memories of good friends and good times.
    It's becoming increasingly difficult to find the right hairdresser. I have waist length hair and wear a bun. Easy way out.
    We have a storm blowing through tonight, but I think it will sail past quickly.
    Take care my friend. Hope you have sweet Terlingua dreams..

    1. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise? While my friends and I are double vaccinated you can never be certain of the other folks around you. From reading John Wells's blog...The Field Lab... there are many anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers in the area.

      You are so right about finding the right hairdresser. Ours moved her business from her home to a salon that I was never able to find...then Covid hit, the border closed, so I have not seen her in over two years.

      The cold front finally arrived yesterday morning with rain and wind. Today it has been cold all day, at least cold for Del Rio...58 degrees right now...I know that is balmy for you. I hope your storm passes quickly.

      Thank you for your kind wishes.


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