Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Unexpected news / Walmart / Lower Gas Prices

Many of my friends ask me why I do not buy my eyeglasses online since they can not believe how much they cost in Del Rio. Though I have told them that they were equally as expensive in Houston and I always have to return to have them adjusted something not available if I ordered them online.

I got a new prescription recently and I have had to go back twice as they were too tight. Tuesday I had to make another trip as now they were hurting my ears. As I sat there waiting for the eyeglass technician to see me the girl at the front desk called me and handed me my medical file...I asked her if I had to give it to the technician...she replied..."No, our office is closing this Friday". I wanted more details but the phone was ringing off the hook so I just figured I would ask the technician as he has known us for a long time.

When my turn came the technician mentioned that the employees were all in shock as the optometrist had only told them the week before that he had sold the building and everything in it, was retiring, and leaving town!

He was referring all his patients to another optometrist one that I have mentioned before and referred to as "The Betty Boop hating Optometrist" in a prior post. Neither Mom nor I liked him and it has nothing to do with Betty Boop but rather his bedside manner. I suppose we are going to be looking for a new eye doctor though there are not many to choose from here.

I wanted to go to Walmart to check out Chromebooks as I would like to have my pictures on a stand-alone computer as I am having a lot of problems uploading them to my current one. I am also being harassed by Photobucket to delete pictures to bring them down to a free account level, pay a monthly fee, or delete my account altogether.

While I prefer to buy my salads at HEB I did not feel like making a special trip so bought them here instead. This time I did take a picture of avocado prices for JudithK...:-)

I was having a hard time opening the clear bags at the fruit and vegetable section and apologized to a lady next to me for taking so long...she said..."Honey, I am going to teach you a hack" She proceeded by cutting two wet leaves from her cilantro bundle and it opened the bag with no effort...I thanked her as I always struggle with them 👍

I could not leave the store without treating myself to something yummy...

Gasoline prices have gone down...at Walmart it was $2.779 a gallon for unleaded...

At HEB it was selling for $2.839...

Today a cold front came in and at least for a couple of days, it will be cooler.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. In my book, carrot cake goes well with anything. I will have mine with "Chocolate Abuelita" a popular brand of Mexican hot chocolate...that is if I can remember where it is...talk about CRS!

  2. Aha! Yes, a great photo of the avocados. The grocery store up the block has some for about that, but they look smaller. These look nice indeed! Thank you.
    Geez. Sounds like your eye doc didn't let people know what was going on....surely he had a clue! Well, maybe he's in trouble of some kind.
    Good for you to have some carrot cake and pumpkin bread. I do envy you your having an HEB. People in this town are always longing for one. But apparently they have a non-compete agreement with someone....maybe not. I hear that years ago about them and Kroger's. But Kroger's is long gone.

    1. I do believe HEB has a non-compete agreement but I do not know for how long. Del Rio has grown a lot in the past twenty years and we need another grocery option besides Walmart.

      I had to take that photo of the avocados for you. They were regular size and quite good.

      I have never tasted pumpkin bread before since I do not like pumpkins that was Franklin Souze who mentioned it. My favorites are carrot and also red velvet cake.

      The same thought crossed my mind he had to have a clue he was going to shut down his practice. The technician said that he was aware that he had been trying to sell the building for a while. With the migrant crisis, he thinks a government agency purchased it at the asking price. Though he had no idea the doctor would be retiring and leaving town.

    2. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin either, though I will have a slice of pie if offered. But pumpkin bread is better. Hope you enjoy it.
      And thanks again for your avocados!! Maybe we should move where they are grown....Nope. California too expensive, and Mexico, well.... I hear the cartels are heavy into taking over the avocado farmers in Mexico. Such a sad sad sad thing. Always, for Mexico. I hate that, because the people in general are so wonderful. And keep trying.

  3. What a shock for his employees right in time for the holidays. Seem like most places I worked did thing like this. I wouldn't advise Walmart eye center they are terrible. I used to go there all the time but the I received glass once that were so strong they almost made me vomit I told them I was not paying for or taking them. Her response was maybe you just need to wear them for awhile, not happening then they no longer bothered to adjust them to fit they just handed them to you and that was it.
    Wish our gas would come down but since this is a snow bird town it just isn't going to happen

    1. I have used Walmart Eye Center in the past since my former Opthomologist practice was in Piedras Negras (across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas). Walmart accepted and perhaps still accepts prescriptions from Mexican doctors but that was a long time ago. While the drive was two hours round trip it took forever to cross the International Bridge adding an hour or more to the trip so I decided to go to a local one and chose him.

      The guy did seem to be in shock and though I am sure they will receive a severance package that will not last forever and it's not like we have many employment options in town.

  4. That is too bad about the optometrist closing down and leaving his employees in the lurch. He probably has a powerful of money and no regard for others. I think change is the only thing that is sure these days.
    I saw the news about the awful plane crash there at Laughlin. Very sad.
    Those avocado prices are amazing. They still cost an arm and a leg here and are usually very poor quality. I try not to think about guacamole anymore. It is too painful. That is an excellent price on carrot cake. It is my favorite cake, too. A slice like that here is about $3.79, so I usually make my own. I use a box cake mix but doctor it to make it much better. I like pumpkin baked goods and could live on pumpkin pie. One of my Louisiana fans sent a new recipe I am going to try. I usually prefer easy recipes, but this sounds yummy.
    Your gas prices are great. Cheapest here is $3.38 and I pay more as my truck requires the medium button.
    We have had a few cold nights here. It got down to 10* on Tuesday night. Still no snow, which is scary because of our drought.
    I hope you will give us an update on your favorite show. What is the latest?
    Stay safe and well my friend.

    1. It was indeed a very unfortunate accident the only reason I found out about it was that "El ZĂłcalo" updates their online edition as soon as an incident occurs mainly in MĂ©xico since they are after all a Mexican newspaper.

      I check them out daily since I provide my uncle the daily Covid-19 updates for Mexico City as he does not know how to go online. Being that this was important and that many Del Rioans rely on them for our city news they covered it. The San Antonio news outlets or at least the ones I watch did not mention it until their ten o'clock news.

      You live in a beautiful state but it is very expensive and cold! If it got down to 10-degrees I would classify that as freezing and might have to pull a Ted Cruz and head to CancĂșn!!! I hope you soon see some precipitation hopefully in the form of rain and not snow.

      La Casa De Los Famosos ended Monday, November 15th, and I was not happy with the outcome. I will need to let some time pass before I can write a small summary without it being profanity-laced like every word that came out of its winner Alicia Machado's mouth during her stay there.

  5. P.S. I almost forgot..my very best new tip is about preventing glasses fogging up when wearing a mask. I don't know why I didn't know about this sooner! Use shaving cream to clean your lenses. Tiny pea sized dab and then smear all around both sides, then polish off with soft cloth. Yes, it is safe for lenses, I checked. And it works a charm. Also works on your bathroom mirror to prevent fogging. I used Barbasol. One buck from Dollar Tree. When I first tried it, I used too much on my glasses and it was a mess to get off, but now I will never use anything else.

    1. I had not heard of that tip before I will have to try it as I do have a problem with my eyeglasses fogging up when I wear my masks.

      I do not have any shaving cream at the moment but will buy one on my next trip to Dollar Tree...thank you!


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