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Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Unplanned shopping spree...

I had not had a chance to check my e-mails until this afternoon when I found one from HEB Pharmacy letting me know I had prescriptions ready to be picked up. I had every intention of using the drive-thru window but when I arrived it was a mile long...so I decided to go inside.

That was a BIG MISTAKE that ended up costing me $87.63 that I had not planned on spending. I have no one to blame but my curiosity as I wanted to see if the items I normally purchase had gone up in price...I confirmed that they had NOT. Not being satisfied with said confirmation...I decided I would purchase those same items...to beat the future price increase!

My pre-packaged salads...

Serranos and garlic...

Jumbo Turkey Franks...

Hormel Chili
to go with my turkey franks...

HEB brand Beef Stew...

Large eggs - 18 count

The mistake I always make...I went on an empty stomach...my sugar levels must have been low.  To compensate I bought lots of cookies and pastries.

While I did not purchase Egg Nog...it made me think of Penelope so I will include the price...

While I have plenty of toilet paper I decided to purchase the HEB brand which is pretty good and less expensive than Charmin.

I bought lots of can goods which are cheaper at this time of the year like corn, french cut green beans, peas, mixed vegetables at .50 cents each.  I also purchased canned soups, menudo, chips, hot sauce, and HEB brand zero-calorie cola which I got for free by purchasing HEB low salt Fritos that also go perfect with chili and that in Texas we call Frito pie.

I was glad to find that avocados were still selling for .78 each so I purchased four as they were just ripe enough and would make my salads more palatable.

I normally do not buy bacon and after looking at the price I don't think I ever will...

It continues to be warmer than usual for this time of the year...

I apologize for photobombing you this evening. 😁

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I try to treat myself at least once in a while as I have to be mindful that I am prediabetic and do not want to graduate to the next level.

    Last year it was buying in bulk to keep from going to the stores. This year it is adding to my food stash while the prices are still within reason.

  2. Oh! Pecan shorbread cookies!! I notice you did not post the price of avocados. Perhaps you were being considerate of me. And yes, bacon has become horridly expensive. Of course, it's not good for us, but I do love it very much. I am glad to see you will be having some chili dogs. Good for the soul. Especially with winter coming on.

    1. JudithK - I did post the price I paid for avocados...78 cents each...which I was glad to see as I expected them to be more expensive than that.

      The only time I eat bacon is when my friends in Terlingua wrap stuffed cheese jalapeños with it. Unfortunately, with my high cholesterol levels and my lack of attendance to the chili cook-off, I have not eaten bacon in two years.

    2. Oh...so you did, in the text. 78 cents is nice. Enjoy!!
      (I've started spending a lot of money on Jimmie Dean pre-cooked bacon. I don't even want to figure out how much it is per pound, but I decided since I kind of use bacon as a condiment anyway, I'd just do it. It's not great, but doesn't make a lot of grease in the skillet when you crisp it up, and then you can crumble it, or whatever, and just use a slice at a time. It's a good deal for one person who is trying not to eat a lot of bacon. But it IS pricey.)

    3. I have always liked breakfast...Pre-pandemic I would treat myself once in a while to Sirloin Stockade which is a buffet-style eatery kind of like Golden Corral...I loved their crispy bacon!

      However, with so many law enforcement in the area who regularly eat there, I am terrified to catch something so I will just have to wait until the next chili cook-off :-(

    4. Oh, my favorite kind of big breakfast. Can you sit far away? Ah geez. Cruise the parking lot?? See how many are there? Ah geez.

    5. Breakfast is only served during the weekend, and their parking lot is not very big, so it is packed all the time. Hopefully, the pandemic and the border crisis will one day be over, and I can once again treat myself to a tasty breakfast in a not-so-crowded establishment.

  3. I have been buying extra items that have a long shelf life and are on sale. That bacon was expensive YIKES! I picked up a few packages since they last a long time in the freezer and were on sale for $3.99. I also bought some canned beef stew. I stocked up on frozen mixed veggies since it is coming up to lots of soups to be made. Yesterday I went out and notice gas prices have sky rocketed and are up to $3.49gl.glad I don't do much driving these days. It's good to stock up while we can still get reasonable prices.

    1. I think that is our best bet to buy long-shelf-life items that also happen to be on sale, that is why I bought so many canned goods.

      Yes, that bacon was rather expensive you sure paid a good price for yours. Wow, your gas prices are high! HEB had regular unleaded for $2.839 a gallon. I wanted to fill up before it went up but it was jammed packed.

  4. You were smart to buy ahead - you can be sure the prices will only rise! Good shopping trip!

    1. While I was not planning on spending so much I think I did well as I will save money in the long run. I only wish we had a larger pantry like the one I have in my house in Houston.

  5. We have been without internet for the past six days..maybe seven..I have lost count. Our phones worked and we could text, but that is it. I was having serious withdrawal.
    So glad to see all your grocery prices, especially eggnog. No egg nog here yet. I am looking forward to it.
    I like to make chili cheese dogs with loads of onions. Fritos on the side. Yum!
    I hear news of the empty shelves everywhere and have noticed so many items no longer available at any price. Like you, I have stocked up pretty well and will continue to as long as I can. Bacon prices have gone to the moon here, as well. I paid $7.59 for the little sausages, 14 to the pack. I paid $4.89 per pound for ground beef. It is a good thing I am crazy for pinto beans..
    Our weather has remained nice. Only a dab of snow and temps in the forties during the day.
    I have noticed a few more people donning masks here. I still avoid everyone I can.
    Take good care my friend.

    1. Glad you are connected once again. It would normally not bother me if my internet went out but with my favorite show "La Casa de Los Famosos" which airs 24/7 on the internet, I would go crazy!

      Can you believe I have not watched The Rachel Maddow show since September or any other cable news show for that matter. I have only watched the San Antonio news channels and only for the weather forecast but I have been able to catch a couple of reports where they mention shortages but not in Texas.

      Wow, your ground beef is expensive. Since I do not cook I do not buy meat or things normal households buy. I am more of a fan of lentils but will occasionally eat pinto beans if it has lots of onions and serranos.

      Your weather sounds nice for now. I do not think I could live in a cold-weather environment or if I had to...I would never leave the house.

      Glad more people are donning masks where you live, we have the opposite problem here. Take care as well Ms.Penny.


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