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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Labs / Higher P.O. Box fees / Ollie's 15% off bonanza

I went to the doctor last week after my December 2022 appointment was canceled due to him going on vacation. He sent me to get labs but I forgot that the clinic closes at noon on Fridays. Monday and Tuesday were too darn cold and windy so I settled for Wednesday. The last time I went I had lost four pounds without trying and this time as well...I just hope I have not graduated from Pre-diabetic to full-blown Diabetic. Most of the people I know that are unfortunate enough to have this prevalent disease in the Hispanic community started out with weight loss.

After my labs, I made a beeline for the Post Office. I have so many problems with them and it was either two or three years ago or last year (remember I have CRS) they lost my check and I had to pay twice even though they did finally reimburse me. We have a small P.O. Box and once again the price increased from $166.00 last year to $198.00 for twelve months of service. Nothing I can do about it as we need our mail.

Have been receiving emails from Ollie's to not forget to use the 15 percent coupon they sent me...once again I never received it...our mail service is just terrible! Lucky for me but mainly for them they emailed me a copy of it and I was able to use it on all the things I purchased today.

I did not buy that many things but I did find some good bargains...like beef jerky for $10.99 for a 12 oz. package. You won't find it at that price at HEB or Walmart.

A battery-powered wine opener...

I had seen this Shimmy Scrub in a commercial on Pinterest but NOT for $2.99...

I have this 12-ounce insulated stainless steel cup but in a different color that I use to sip my tea and/or my soups. It was an impulse buy as I am partial to this color. :-D


Last but not least some heavy-duty Wrangler women's socks for $3.99...

In a prior post, I mentioned that I had found a great deal on top-loading pet crates at this store. However, they only had them in blue but I bought them anyway. Today I thought I had lucked out but unfortunately, though I love the color, they were not top-loading crates which is a must if you have ever had a cat and tried to shove them through the front entrance.

The prices I quote are the regular price you need to knock off 15 percent to see what great buys I found on Wednesday.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. What a great haul! We still don't have a Ollie's here but we have DD's, I have been looking for a new cover for my bed and it needs to be king size because of how tall the mattress is, I finally found one that I liked and it was only $13.99!
    I can't believe how the PO thinks they need to charge so much when the service is so awful. I guess everyone needs to jump on these outrageous price hikes.

    1. I love DDs as well they always have such good prices and you certainly found one on your new bed cover. I also went to DDs and I saw this lady with a cart overflowing with bed covers but that is not unusual as many shoppers from México always buy in bulk...now I know why she had so many!

      I wish there was something I could do about the high P.O.B. prices though I did complain to the mail lady as I thought they had charged me the new fee that is even higher...that is why I paid online right away to keep them from losing my payment once again.

  2. I always just turned my cat crates on end. Could be wobbly, but sure as hell easier than front loading if the cat was not a docile, willing participant. I didn't even know thay had top loaders. Could have used those. But my cat days are over. I do love them though.

    1. In the past, I have always only had ONE feline. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that cats started coming out of the woodwork and deciding to adopt us rather than the other way around.

      I will always be grateful to you for suggesting that I turn the crates on their end to facilitate the unwilling cat's entrance into the kennel.

      I never knew they had top-loading crates either until I saw them on walmart.com and promptly ordered one a couple of years back. They are expensive but worth their weight in gold when you have sixteen cats to take to the vet. Ollie's had them cheaper than the one I bought years ago...I LOVE that store!


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