Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, January 7, 2023

January 2023 trip to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila - México

This past Thursday, January 5th I made a trip to México, for the same reason as I did back in September 2022...to take another batch of cats to the veterinarian to be fixed. If you would like to read about it, you can do so on my other blog Walter's World by clicking on my header picture or this link https://mylittlewalter.blogspot.com/

After dropping them off  I went about running my errands. Before I go any further these were the exchange rates on this day so you can compare prices.

                                                              Compra (buy) Pesos

                                                           Venta (sell) US Dollars


It had been six months since I last got a haircut so headed to Gutierrez (a grocery store) to one of their no-frill salons. Understandably the price had gone up, I paid $100.00 pesos with a tip of 20.00 pesos for a total of $120.00 Mexican pesos or $6.06 USD.

Much like on prior occasions, I went to Citibanamex to get change for the Mexican Currency I had. By that, I mean that when you exchange dollars for pesos in larger amounts they give you larger currency bills, and sometimes you need smaller denominations as well as coins to tip the sackers, people who clean your windows at the stop light, and for the toll booths. I tend to buy pesos when the exchange ratio is higher since I use it up at the vet, the doctor, grocery shopping, the beauty shop, international toll booths, etc., etc. since I live along the border. If you are a tourist on a one-day shopping trip you are better off paying in US dollars.

On a prior trip, I kidded if there was a run at this bank because the lines are always long. I figured since it was a new year most people did not have any money left after the holiday season. However, when I was in line I heard that this is the month when young people go cash their scholarship money to pay for school. Likewise, senior citizens who are in a state (Coahuila) program that gives them a monthly subsidy were also in line to withdraw that help as they do not trust credit cards. After being in line for 35 minutes and not moving more than a couple of inches I gave up...this gal does not do lines!

I decided to go check out the fabric store next door called Parisina. It has been there for a couple of years but I had never gone inside. They had a large selection of fabrics, plastics, pillows, and household items.

I did not purchase anything but went next door to Bodegas Aurrera (owned by Walmart) where once again they had a shortage of shopping cars. I bought a couple of items because my car was parked far away and I did not want to hurt my back carrying a lot of groceries. A tip if you go shopping in México you need to take your own reusable bags as of two years ago plastic bags are no longer provided at any store.

I purchased one onion...

A couple of bottles of hot sauce...

Two cans of Chipotles at $9.50 each /.48 US cents.

There was no shortage of pasta. Some were on sale for $5.00 pesos /.25 US cents.

The following day was going to be Día de Los Reyes or the Three Wisemen. Tradition in México is to have a Rosca de Reyes that has several baby Jesus baked into it and whoever gets it has to buy tamales on February 2nd...also known as El Día de la Candelaria.

This was the smallest Rosca I saw. It sold for $160.00 pesos or $8.08 USD and this included a 2 Liter container of milk that I was not aware of until I enlarged the picture.

Remember when there was a shortage of Valentino hot sauce? Not today so bought some to go with my buttered popcorn at $11.00 pesos the equivalent of .56 USD cents.

While you can not bring back eggs, I was curious what they were selling for...a carton of 30 eggs at $84.00 pesos...or $4.24 USD. A carton of 18 eggs $2.70 USD, and a dozen eggs $1.84 USD.

Another item I purchased was a jar of Decaffeinated Coffee for $64.50 or $3.26 USD.

I have a lot of pictures but have run out of space in my Google Photos account. I have been emailing them to myself and that takes a while. If I have time I will do a Part II and show my purchases at Gutierrez or not...

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I was wondering if you had run into a blogger problem since has been so long. Glad to see a post and know you are doing OK!
    Its to bad you can't bring back eggs, the prices here are ridiculous! I refuse to buy them and sure do miss them. I have been buying the liquid as I can make them go further to use less.

    1. No Blogger problems, but problems with Google Pictures as I have gone through my free limit and need to purchase a subscription.

      While pictures are not necessary to blog they are when I make a post as I like to post photos of groceries, gasoline prices, the cats, and my trips to México. Though I have not been doing much that would merit a post.

      We don't consume too many eggs, I usually purchase them when I go camping and boil them as I do not know how to cook. I do not have a camping stove and are not a fan of propane or butane, especially those green canisters they scare the hell out of me.

    2. Ah I do love eggs and PAY for them these days. But like you, I am scared of those canisters. I've got to get over that. They are handy. Or could be. Glad you got your hot sauce and popcorn. Essentials of life.

    3. Watching all the people arriving at Quartzsite, Az. for the winter and uploading their videos to YouTube...I find I am not in the minority as several well-known vloggers happen to share my adversity with those green propane canisters...so JudithK...we are not alone.


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