Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Unplanned trip to the Amistad National Recreational Area

Yesterday I was on the east side of town an area I do not often frequent. There is a loop that was opened a couple of years ago to make it easier for 18-wheelers to transit through Del Rio without actually having to go through the city. I got a wild hair and decided to check it out. Found there were more cars on it than truckers. I went over two or three bridges (CRS) that said I was crossing San Felipe Creek. I had no idea San Felipe Creek encompassed such a large area.

I was getting worried as I had no idea where I was headed until I spotted this road sign, then I knew I was close to Lake Amistad, and yet I still took the wrong turn and was headed to Sonora...😄...Lol, memories of my first years in Houston, where I constantly got lost. At least unlike my father and most men I know...I had no problem asking for directions.

My first stop was the San Pedro Campground the largest in the Amistad National Recreational Area. There was not a single person camping which made me glad...I will tell you why later.

I happened upon the "Billy Bob Tree" and it was looking sad. I even questioned if it was the same tree...but it was. Has anyone heard from him lately?

I headed to my personal favorite Governors Landing. One of these days I am actually going to spend the night here though not anytime soon with this heat.

It just breaks my heart to see the lake levels plummet every time I visit.

No people are crazy enough to be camping here either. Only the Border Patrol at the highest point of Governors Landing keeping a watchful eye.

The Highway 90 bridge...

Governors Landing has both a camping area as well as a public area where people can come fish or have a picnic. Lots of folks here though I did not take pictures of them.

The public picnic area...

A trail that leads to the water. Apart from my fear of snakes, it was hard to walk on so I did not go very far. To think that only a few years ago this was all under water.

Now to get back to why I was happy that there was no one camping at either campground. As I have mentioned many times I follow the vlogs of several vandwellers, especially those that spend time in Quartzsite, Arizona, and/or New Mexico on YouTube.

I am not going to give names but there is a dangerous situation happening where two bloggers, each in their own vehicles, that have chosen to stay in Arizona during this dangerous heat. There is no reason for this...they could have moved to higher levels...even CVK who has a homestead at 7,000 feet as well as his friends have left for a cooler location.

I don't often read comments but I did, to try to figure out the reason behind this lunacy. Apparently one of the parties feels she owes the other something for taking her to the airport and looking after her van while she flew back home.

If you want to help your friend work on their van build why not do so somewhere else and not where you are putting your life at risk?  Many have commented how her organs could shut down at the insane daily temperatures where it does not even cool down at night.

Many of her readers including myself would not mind pitching in gas money or even a stay at a nearby hotel but she does not want to. I had to unsubscribe from her channel. I have enough worries of my own to take on additional ones.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Auntie Acid


  1. I have to agree with you about the excessive heat. Even though my job uses a lot of heat, I know when to cool down.
    We are looking forward to returning to Quartzsite in the winter, but it might not be this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I do not understand why someone would purposely put themselves at risk in three-digit temperatures. One has an A/C and a generator, the other does not...just a tarp!

      I hope you and Kathy can return to Quartzsite soon, I enjoyed your posts including the one when the snake paid you all a visit at your campsite.

  2. l have not heard from BillyBob in several years. He quit answering the email address I used to have years ago. Last I knew he was in Georgia near his ex and her husband.

    1. That is pretty much the same information I have about him. I believe it was Dizzy Dick who once mentioned that he was active on Facebook. Dizzy has also gone silent on his blog since his wife's passing. I hope they are both doing well.

  3. So many people that have to travel through Houston either for work or pleasure share the same view.


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