Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I am still recuperating from the three out-of-town trips and over a thousand miles I drove last week. That is not counting a doctor's appointment Monday...but at least it was here locally.

We have had a lot of rain which we desperately needed.  I no longer have to water the trees and that has saved me at least two hours daily. Though I do not look forward to the mosquitoes that the rains will eventually bring.

With so much rain, a leak in the kitchen has become apparent.  If it is not one thing it is another!

My fibromyositis has been acting up and the pain is at times unbearable.  Considered bringing it up at my last doctor's appointment but thought of the extensive blood and image testing but most importantly of the $$$$$ involved. If I get to feeling worst and can find the time...I will probably go see the doctor I like in Mexico.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I hate the thought of living in pain because you can't afford the product the American medical industry sells, it's a good thing you're close to Mexico.

    Roof leaks suck.. but it doesn't really rain all that much down there does it? A poor excuse for forgetting about it but better than no excuse !

    1. The proximity to Mexico, the more reasonable medical and prescription drug costs, as well as the current high dollar to pesos exchange rates are a few of the good things about living in Del Rio.

      It does not rain much but when it does watch out. For now there is nothing two buckets can't fix.

  2. I wish I could easily cross the border and see a doctor that didn't have $ signs in his (or her) eyes. I haven't had any prescriptions written or tests taken for over 2 years, so if I even went in for a minor ailment they would nail me for whatever they could charge the insurance company & Medicare for.

    1. You better believe that after two years of not visiting a doctor they will try to run every test in the book no matter how minor the ailment.

      My poor mother has so many lab draws but in her case it is needed. It is no surprise they say there will not be enough money to fund Medicare in the future.

  3. A lot of that you can blame the malpractice lawyers for. If the docs/clinics don't run every test that's available & something is missed or goes wrong, they'll get wiped out financially in court by those lawyers you see trolling for a payday on cheesy TV ads. (Or rather the docs' insurance carriers will get wiped out & so *require* docs to do extensive & even redundant testing to cover their bases.)

    To be sure, there are shenanigans with health care practitioners trying to run up medicare tickets to compensate for the below-costs reimbursements they get from Medicare.

    It's just a huge mess with plenty of blame to go all around, but at the end of the day it's def. the lawyers who are getting richest.

    1. Leilani, I am so sorry I had not seen this comment until this evening.

      You are right on the money on these three points. It is a sad state of affairs what our medical system has evolved to and that now fuels an even larger more profitable industry...the darn lawyers!


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