Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Visual treat

Last Thursday I woke up to gorgeous blooming purple sage bushes after all the recent rains. Purple sage is one of my favorite plants as it needs no maintenance or watering on my part.  For some reason it is also soothing and relaxing to contemplate.

For once have not minded having to do the dishes when I have such beautiful scenery to behold (minus the high weeds).

Please excuse my choice of pictures as I am using my two older computers to be able to upload photos to my blog and I can barely see what I am doing because both lack a battery and even plugged to electricity the background is dark.

I need to purchase a new point and shoot camera but I have no idea which one to buy.  This old camera does not do justice to the beautiful purple hues.

Headed out to Lake Amistad this afternoon and I was not disappointed with the beautiful vistas I was treated to.

So, so pretty...

I was so calm and relaxed that perhaps I over did it.  I was a few blocks from the house when my tranquility was rudely interrupted by flashing red and blue lights.

I supposedly ran or did not come to a full stop at a stop sign.  As much as I try to replay it in my head, I do not recall not coming to a full stop.  The last time I got pulled over was three years ago by Del Rio Police Department after almost twenty years of going without an infraction. Now three years later I get stopped by the Val Verde County Sheriff's Department...the good news is that like last time, I was able to get away with just a warning...life is good!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. You law breaker you! But the blooms do look good.

    1. When I was younger I was famous for my New York stops and was pulled over in more than one occasion. I have matured and now come to full stops. Perhaps I regressed?

  2. I really try to come to a complete stop because I know these guys are lurking to catch someone sliding through a stop sign. Glad you got off with a warning, which is as it should be when a law-abiding citizen just makes a little error.

    The purple sage is beautiful, and I'm sure I've never seen it before. I want a new point & shoot camera as well, but not one that has lots of icons I don't understand, and functions I don't understand. I want to point and shoot - that is the idea! Let me know if you find something like that. I still haven't looked at Walmart - someone mentioned on my blog that they have good deals on cameras.

    1. I am so glad they gave me a warning (he was training another officer). The last thing I need is for my car insurance rate to go up.

      I'm with you, I just want a camera without all the bells and whistles. Now days they come equipped with some many functions that I will never learn to use. If you come across an easy to use point and shoot camera...please let me know.

  3. These are stunning.I think your old camera did a great job!

    We have purple sage all over the state, of course, but not in the abundance you have there & never that showy.

    1. Thank you Leilani but if you saw the blooms in person you could tell that the photo was deficient.

      We are fortunate to have so much barren land between Del Rio and Alpine to the west and Del Rio and Uvalde to the east that the sage grows wild and puts on a spectacular show. Last time they were this lush was back in September 2014.


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