Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quick trip to Big H

This past Monday I took a quick trip to Houston.  I can hardly believe that it had been three years and five months since I had been to my house.

To think that the things that attracted me to the big city as a young adult are the same things that now repel me.

On the way to Houston I filled up in San Antonio at a very reasonable price.

The next time I make a trip home, I think I will keep it to myself.  I enjoy talking and spending time with my HOA lady friend but she takes a lot of medication and I think it has severely affected her judgment. I had less than 24 hours to take care of business. the last thing I needed was someone taking up my valuable time with conversation of meaningless things and of people I do not even know.  She came by my house twice!

It was a good thing I took some jello and crackers because I did not even have time to go buy me dinner.

I left early the next morning after only three hours of sleep.  All I could think as I drove home was how hungry I was.  Stopped off in Sealy, Texas and headed to a Whataburger for breakfast. When I think of cheating on a diet, I picture myself eating a pizza, a juicy hamburger or some succulent pasta dish...never a breakfast platter at a fast food restaurant!

It wasn't that good but the people that work there were very friendly.  I did appreciate the two cups of coffee I had as I needed to wake up.

Though gasoline was cheaper in Houston, I did not feel like stopping and besides I only paid $1.95 a gallon in Sealy.

I enjoyed the stretch of highway between Uvalde and Del Rio.  The purple sage is blooming and it looked absolutely beautiful.

My camera needs replacing and I need to upload the pictures I took to my old computer or I am not able to post them on this blog.  Oh where is my computer savvy TWC (tall weathered cowboy) when I need him? :-(

This trip really took a toll on me, I can no longer do one day back-to-back trips.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I like Whataburger! Been awhile since I've eaten there, the last one I saw was 30 min after I'd eaten. I didn't even know they were in wherever it was that I was (they are usually just in Texas)... I was bummed.

    I guess you've a strong reason for holding on to a house that's empty in a city you don't want to live in anymore.
    Not asking, just a comment. We all do what we do for our own reasons.

    I'm in northern Georgia, I wonder where the nearest Whataburger is? Something to look up tomorrow!

    1. I too was under the impression that Whataburgers were only located in Texas. However they are so good it was only a matter of time before they expanded to other states.

  2. My favorite fast food is deep fried cheese stuffed and breaded jalapeno peppers at Jack in the Box. Just love those things.

    1. Jack in the Box has some very tasty food. I have never tried the deep fried cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers but it sure sounds good.

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  3. I like slower, more relaxed trips. Slower is my style for just about everything these days.

  4. I'm like Rob, sure wish I knew why you are waiting to make your move. Time don't stop for anyone....none of my business. But I'm old and I know from experience that one day you wake up and your "dream" is over with...just saying..

    1. Maybe one day I will do a post of why I am holding on to my house in Houston...it just wont be today.

  5. [Oops I misposted somehow in the wrong place somehow. Will try again w/copy & paste.]

    Glad to see you get back to your house, MsB. Believe me, I know it must have been stressful not knowing what you'd find when you opened the door (like last time.)

    I hope everything was just as you'd left it because the next time you go, some of that awful dread will disappear & it'll vanish a little more each time.

    PS) I vote for Jack-in-the-Box too. But we had one near our house as a teen & I think that may be when we develop our loyalty. Their breakfast croissants are better than the others IMO. And their buttery jack w/ portobello mushrooms is outstanding, though it seems to come & go from the menu, unfortunately.

    What-a-Burger's Monterrey melt is pretty tasty IMO but it's got to be at least 78,000 calories & just too big for one person so I only get it when my dog is with me & can share.

    Aargh. Now I'm hungry, darnit!

    1. If I did not have that horrible woman and her family for a neighbor, it would be a different story. Whoever heard of three full grown men living at home with their parents...one is almost 40 years old!

      Fortunately everything was as I left it on the inside. I will be making more frequent trips.

      The first fast food establishment in Del Rio was Dairy Queen followed by Sonic, guess that is why I am loyal to them. In Houston it did not take much effort to learn to love Whataburger and Jack-in-the-Box :)

      My HOA lady friend has three little dogs and she takes them out for dinner every night. She claims her dogs love fries at McDonalds, hamburgers at Whataburger, chicken at KFC and burritos at Taco Bell...jajajaja:D


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