Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016 trip to Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila - Mexico (Updated)

It rained a lot on Monday night and I was secretly hoping mother would not want to go to the beauty shop as the street in which it is located tends to flood even with small amounts of rain. I have no idea why as it is located in the downtown district, close to the bus station, the town square, and the main church.

I was surprised that the work being done on the US side of the border to the toll booths has not been completed.  Once more I saw quite a bit of people riding bicycles. There was a cyclist in front of me and out of curiosity I asked the toll booth clerk how much it cost to cross the border using that method and she said .75 US cents.

It took me back to my summers in high school when my best friend and I would cross to eat tacos from street vendors back when tacos were not readily available as they are today in the states. My mother never allowed me to eat them, telling me I was going to get sick.  Funny, to this day I have never gotten sick from eating anything in Mexico.  Of course, we did this unbeknownst to our parents.

OK, back to the present...mother and I got our haircuts.  The only subject being discussed was the passing of Juan Gabriel and by now finding out that his body had been cremated contrary to his wishes.  The majority of his fans myself included are very upset about it. While it is said "the family" made this decision, it is well known that the decisions are being made by his eldest son. Poor Juan Gabriel he always wanted to be buried next to his mother in the small town in which he was born. It is rumored that his son never liked this place.

We headed to the downtown Gutierrez grocery store that we like (the one with shade structures). Did not buy as much as we usually do, as not that much fits in the manual wheelchair with a basket and I did not feel like dragging along an additional cart.

Mexico's Independence Day is coming up, so the store was decked out in their patriotic colors. When one thinks of Mexico their popular beverage....Tequila...comes to mind.  All their brands were on sale.  With the high dollar to peso ratio, they were good buys to be had.  I considered buying one for Terlingua but with my mother in tow and the certain speech I would have to listen to about the "evils of drinking" decided it was best to pass on it.

Exchange rates today down Exchange Rate Alley...

We were lucky that there was no traffic going back home.  Only one car in front of me and a very nice ICE agent.

While I have a new computer, it does not give me the option to upload my pictures directly to my computer...it wants to send me to Dropbox and does not give me another option. This Windows 10 crap is not for me!  I therefore have to use my old Windows 7 computer to upload pictures to my blog.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. We will love the pictures whenever you can get them posted! Isn't it funny how out Mothers never seem to quit preaching to us. I remember how much I disliked my Mom's advice when I was a grown woman with children, and try to avoid doing the same thing to my own kids. Sometimes I forget though.

    1. I guess to our mother's we will always be their little girls no matter what our chronological age is and preaching comes with the territory.

  2. I feel bad because I lost my temper a bit with my own mom overreacting to exactly that situation a couple of days ago. We have to just grin & bear it and bear it and bear it...[sigh]

    But speaking of not respecting Moms that's pretty awful his son didn't allow Juan G to pay traditional respect to his mom.

    I know cremation does make it easier to import remains into another country for repatriation but money can't have been a concern for them.

    Like I said, I didn't really know much about him except for the duet with Laura Pausini, but reading the stories in the news after his death I got the impression he was a very sentimental man. So I hope his ashes eventually get to the little town in Michoacán or wherever it is his mom is buried. Maybe they can even split them between there & Juarez. That might make everyone happy, actually.

    1. The facts of his death and cremation seem to change constantly. I clearly remember an interview he gave years ago where he stated he wanted to be buried next to his mother in Paracuaro, Michoacan.

      The current mayor of Paracuaro stated he had a face to face conversation with Juan Gabriel earlier this year. He said Juan Gabriel told him that when he retired, he wanted to spend the rest of his life in this small town where he was born. He once again reiterated his desire to be buried next to his mother.

      While cremation does make it easier to transport his remains to Mexico, that was never an impediment as the Mexican Consul General in Los Angeles personally went to the funeral home and met with his family to help fascilitate the needed documentation to re-patriate the body. Per the Consul General, his offer was declined by his eldest son as he stated his father's ashes would remain in the United States (Florida to be exact).

      With the passing of the days, I suppose the family finally listened to the fans who were so upset about the decisions being made.

      There is currently talk of splitting the ashes between Florida, Juarez and Paracuaro...but who knows? This is worst than a bad soap opera!


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