Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Afternoon Showers

Been busy this week so had not gotten around to doing laundry.  Put a load to wash and then turned on the weather channel.  Said there was a 20 to 30 percent chance of rain, rats!!  When they give that kind of probability it usually means 90 to 100 percent chance of rain.

Went outside to check and sure enough it was getting cloudy. Went through my usual preparations, put the cars in the carport, moved delicate plants to the porch, etc. etc.  You have to understand that exactly two weeks ago we had a 30% chance of rain and we got 4.47 inches.

We had a wonderful afternoon shower.  Temperature dropped from 96 to 79 degrees.  It was a welcome respite from the suffocating heat.  Thank you rain gods.

On another note picked up mother’s car and bid adieu to that worthless mechanic.  I felt like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders.

All in all not a bad day.

Have a good night, and may you have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Boy howdy, don't think I would have wanted to be that worthless mechanic when ya picked up the car.

  2. great accomplishment!

  3. great accomplishment!

  4. BB - would you believe he still had the audacity to say that while the brakes were fixed I really needed to replace the cv joint or something like that very soon. Yeah like I was going to believe him.

    I think he pretty much knew it would NOT be him replacing it.

  5. Look at the rubberboots on the CV joints, if they are not torn,your bearings should be ok. They go bad when the rubber boot tears and they start leaking out the grease. You should have an inner boot and a outter boot on each side on the front of your car. You can also hear a bad bearing when you slow down before you hit your brakes, you'll hear a grinding noise.

  6. RedEyeMule - to be honest I have no earthly idea where the rubberboots of the CV joints are. On the positive side I don't hear a grinding noise before I brake.

    Thank you for stopping by.


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