Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trash Day

Living in Houston I am used to having trash pick up twice a week.  It was the same here but a couple of years ago an out of town company was the successful low bidder and was awarded the city contract.  They provided us with a big trash can and cut back pick up to only once a week. 

I am not an early riser so I usually set out the trash the night before rather than risk not waking up in time and having to wait another week, but not last night.  I had to find a way to trick myself into getting up early and cleaning up the carport and all the stuff that floated downhill last week.

I finally decided to throw away the spare keys to the car that I LOVED and was my faithful sidekick for twenty years.  It was the car of my dreams but I knew it would start having problems because of the age and mileage and it had to go.  So today’s trash had a little bit of a treasure in it.  Sometimes it is hard to let go but after two years it was time…


  1. Was going to try to edit my post but that is how I ended up deleting my first blogging entry, lol :-)

    Just wanted to add:

    Good night. Terlingua Dreams.

  2. we throw away way too much.


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