Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hide and Seek

Have you ever had to pretend you are not home rather than put up with, how can I put this delicately?  Humm...let's say less than stellar company.

There is a gentlemen from my mother's church that likes to pop up unannounced and stays for hours on end hoping to be invited to dinner.  He talks about everyone in church knowing fully well my mother is a serious person who dislikes gossip.

On one occasion he had the audacity to say " I don't smell food, aren't you going to have dinner?"  Mom's house is small so I could not help but hear him from my bedroom.  Little does he know my mother eats at two o'clock and not at five like most people.

I distinctly heard the door to dad's car close so I figured it was the mechanic who had finally come start the car.  I peaked out the window and to my surprise it was this gentlemen.  Why did he open the car door?  Did he think we were hiding in the car? :-D   More importantly what the heck was he doing in our backyard?

Lucky for us since Mom's car is at the worthless mechanic's shop, he must of thought we were not home and he left.

Good night.  Terlingua Dreams.


  1. "fix" him something to eat. "fix" it real good. he won't come back.

  2. Lol, RedEyeMule :) Problem is I don't do the cooking and my Mom would disown me if I pulled a stunt like that, hahahaha!


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