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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Small town newspapers

Living in a small town can be a double edge sword.   Everyone knows each other or if they don't know who you are there is always a neighbor, co-worker or someone who does.  While in the big city chances are no one has heard of you or your relatives and what's more they don't really care.  Ahh...the anonymity of the large metropolis.

Then there are the small town newspapers.  Wednesday in particular because the crime blotter section is very popular.  You see even though I do not want to admit it, I want to read  who was arrested for fighting at the local watering holes in town, who is the jealous boyfriend who stole his girlfriend's cell phone so he could read her text messages or the boyfriend who broke into his girlfriend home to confront her because he did not like what she posted on Facebook.  These things might sound trivial to most but in small communities where nothing much happens, well it is the talk of  the town.

If the name of the perpetrator sounds familiar but you are not sure, they have a picture of the person's mug shot and if that does not dispell your doubts, well not to worry they publish their address too :-D


  1. Those little places...gossip and tidbits keep them alive. Daughter lives in a mountain valley; every body knows everyone else's business. Often repercussions come to a loose wagging tongue...which really starts the gossip rolling again. So happy I am being a recluse in this aspect!

    1. Yep, in Del Rio gossip and tidbits are what keeps the local's tongues wagging :D

      Thank you for stopping by Sissy.


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