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Monday, December 16, 2013

Computers / Butterbean Carpenter

When will I learn to leave well enough alone?  My Acer mini laptop has been giving me a lot of problems so here I go to YouTube and learn that all can easily be fixed by just doing a "system restore".

I was so happy when it said the restore had been performed successfully and then it went into reboot. Too easy I thought...sure enough it has a circle going around and around saying it is "logging off" and it wont get past that screen.

I unplugged it several times and turned it on again and it continues to give me the same message.  Hope my current computer doesn't go out on me because I have no other back-up and I do not plan on buying one with Windows 8 installed.  Guess it will be the end of my blogging days.

Today I was sadden to learn about the death of a fellow blogger Butterbean Carpenter due to a car accident that took place on December 11th http://ourrvadventures.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/jans-favorite-christmas-song/

He seemed to have a very good sense of humor and his comments reflected it.  This is my favorite...

Howdy Ms B, 

A 'real' cowboy only takes care of 'cows' and I, for one, don't think you fit in that category!!! The 'so-called' young weathered cowboys, nowadays, ain't agonna think or care for nobody but theyselves!!
You'd have to pull yourself off of your death-bed and get'em a drink of water....

We surly do hope you have a HAPPY DAY!!!! 

You will be missed Butterbean.  Rest in Peace.


  1. You might remove the battery and then re-instal. That has worked for me when I have had a computer 'freeze' on me. No guarantee that it will fix your problem but don't think it can do any harm.

    1. That is what I finally ended up doing. Do not know if it worked or not because I have yet to put it back on.

  2. I always enjoyed his comments on the other blogs too. It's just so sad when one of our family of bloggers passes away.

    1. It is so true when you say "family of bloggers" because that is exactly what we are "a family". I know more about what is going on in the lives of the blogs I follow than I do of some of my friends or even my own family members.

      I do not know if you got to read the condolences in his obituary but last time I checked it was three pages long and all were from fellow bloggers.

  3. About the computer, the on and off switch,,, and,, ctrl-alt-delete, leave it while it's doing that and see if it finishes the restore. Mine takes it's time.

    1. I am sooooooo familiar with the control-alt-delete key and the re-set button on the old laptop the idiot TWC guy ruined...but unfortunately that trick only seems to work on my older computers.

      Hopefully when I put the battery pack I took off all will be well.

  4. Oh my god, you didn't turn it off???? I sit one time an' watch that little wheel thingy go round an' round for a hour before something happen.
    Since it says...."WARNING, DO NOT TURN COMPUTER OFF", I just left it on.


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