Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Monday, November 18, 2019

Lack of organization / Official grand opening of Harbor Freight

I do not know what has happened to me...I used to be so organized...I had a place for everything and everything in its place.  I need to go take my nurse practitioner the result of my labs both the ones I had done in Ciudad Acuña as well as those I had through Life Line Screening.

I have to find all my little notes and pieces of paper where I have my blood pressure readings written.  That has become problematic as I do not know where they are all at.  Last year I bought five calendars to keep up with different things and I can only find one of them.

I really need to keep up with these readings daily and not allow them to pile up.  Then, of course, I tell myself the same thing every time I have to go through this. When will I learn?

The official grand opening of Harbor Freight was Saturday but it has been open since late October.  I'm crazy but not that crazy to go anywhere as popular and looked forward to as this store was. The girl clerk told me there were hundreds of people there and they ran out of the free measuring tapes given out to the first 500 customers in record time.

I was going to buy one of their 14" electric chain saws on sale for $39.99 use my 20 percent off coupon for a grand total of $31.99 plus get a free bucket or at least that was the plan until I learned that you have to buy a separate machine to sharpen them...had no idea chain saws had to be sharpened!

I was hungry so went next door to Walmart to buy one of their $4.99 rotisserie chickens but wanted to pick some other items first.

I just had to take a picture of this HUGE...would you call it thermo bottle?  Feel free to correct me.

Here is my cart at the check out counter...

Unfortunately, by the time I headed out, it was already dark and I have poor night vision. Walmart had the cheapest gasoline price in town $2.159 a gallon for regular unleaded.

This cold spell has really helped me sleep though now the junkyard dog that guards his owners' lot in the corner has taken to barking late at night making all the other dogs do the same.

Since I went to bed early I was not able to make this post until today.  So have a great day!


  1. I ended up putting my important calendar/notes on the wall at a place I walked by.
    Then all I had to remember was to write it down! :-)

    You can sharpen a chain by hand with the proper sized file, it's not hard to do & the flies are cheaper than the power sharpener.

    If you do get a chainsaw like that (we have one) be careful, look & think before you start cutting. Chainsaw accidents happen really really fast and can be nasty.

    1. Not much wall space available in my parents' small house. Not too concerned about remembering appointments as they usually call or send e-mails.

      My problem is taking the time to write down all my blood pressure readings which lately have been high. The best place for them is a calendar but like I said I have no idea where three of them are and it's now mid-Nov 2019...sad :-(

      I recall (surprisingly) that you own one of those green chain saws from a prior comment you made a couple of months back. I am not too worried (though perhaps I should be) about injuring myself but the cats that come out of nowhere. I am only going to use it to cut small limbs off those hideous mesquite trees.

  2. Have you considered making a Spreadsheet and entering all your little notes shortly after making them.
    Those Thermos Jugs are cheaper here in Windsor.
    There should be Bylaws against owners who ignore their Barking Dogs.
    I used to hand file my Chainsaw Blades. They worked better then new.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. I no longer remember how to use Excel or at least the version I used to use when I worked. That is why I once asked you what software you used to keep track of your expenses and you told me that was the one you used.

      So that is their official name...Thermos Jugs...wonder why they are cheaper in Canada?

      We live out in the county and anything goes out here. His owner does not live there he keeps his work equipment there and the place is well lite at night I went outside the other night to shut him up and did not see anything suspicious.

      I guess I need to look at YouTube videos to see how hard or easy it is to file chainsaw blades.

  3. Hi Belinda..glad to see you are posting again.
    No no no about the chain saw. Your insurance isn't good enough. Chain saws are extremely dangerous in strong experienced hands. They can get caught up easily and then you can lose an arm or a leg. Seriously, just look on YouTube to scare yourself.
    We have a dog barking ordinance here. I can't handle dog barking and have gone to the police a few times. Soon to go again. It is a stiff fine here.
    Your little cat cutchas are great! What a fine shape to protect your sweet cats.
    You still have not told us about the Egglettes?

    1. I think both Rob and you have convinced me not to buy the chain saw, the last thing I need is a trip to the hospital with its accompanying expenses.

      No dog barking ordinance in Val Verde County or at least not that they enforce. I called the Sheriff a couple of years back because the neighbor behind us put his chihuahua's outside and they barked all night. I did not have their street address but gave them ours and even then they said they could not locate the house...totally pissing me off...could they not hear them bark?

      I have not had time to go through all the pictures or update the two spaces I reserved to write about my first and second trip to Terlingua as I have had other things to do. As far as the Egglettes are concerned I did not get around to using them.

  4. Maybe you can buy some small plastic containers with lids and mark them for your medical papers and another for ins. or what ever you need to keep handy. And as soon as you have a reading for your blood pressure and your lab work put them right into the container. I have become quite disorganized myself these days but I do have a filing system that is attached to my desk so I file things there. Hope you find those papers

    1. I bought some different colored shoe boxes at the Dollar Tree (you can see a pink one inside my tent for small electronics) one is for my blood pressure readings, another for receipts, taxes, my Houston house, and lastly one for important things I need to address.

      The problem is I am not good at putting my readings in the appropriate box once I take them...I am a procrastinator after all...so I usually end up in the situation I find myself today...an upcoming appointment and no BP readings.

      I was much organized when I had my own office in my Houston house. My parents house is much too small and I have too much stuff.

  5. Chainsaw blades go a long time between sharpenings. And an aftermarket replacement chain lasts alot longer than the HF chain. Easy to replace with simple tools.

    1. I am not sure what you mean by an aftermarket replacement chain?


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