Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
San Felipe Creek at Del Rio Rotary Park

Monday, November 11, 2019

Preparing for the Arctic Blast

In preparation for the Arctic Blast that will arrive this afternoon, I spent yesterday putting my pool noodles to good use. Considered going to go buy the regular black insulated ones used to protect outdoor pipes that the cats and Tammie's puppies have destroyed over the years but why? I have about six new pool noodles that I bought some years ago to keep from tripping over guylines when camping so decided to use them instead.

Could not for the life of me find my new is it called blade? I bought this year for camping that I brought back home on my second trip since I had no use for it this time around. So used this little pocket knife and an old kitchen knife instead.

It could have gone faster but Nico insisted on helping me.  This time I did not yell at him because I am still dealing with this http://mylittlewalter.blogspot.com/2019/11/i-am-very-sadsonny-is-missing.html

It was an easy solution.

I need to find a newer koozie to replace this old one covering the faucet.

Earlier in the day, I went to pick-up my high blood pressure medication that I misplaced somewhere in the house and have yet to find as well as my glasses...I am using my old ones.

While there I picked up some items to make caldo de pollo and caldo de res during this cold spell and keep the kitchen warm...we will see if I follow through with that :-(

There is a small store close to the house that recently installed gasoline pumps, on my way into town I noticed their price was $1.199  $2.199 for unleaded when I reached HEB their price was $1.299  $2.299 for the same thing.

Why the ten cent difference?  I have no idea since I have not been keeping up with the news the last time I drove into town it was going for $2.189 a gallon.  Thinking perhaps the lower price was a mistake I nonetheless stopped at the small store and it was a good price so saved me a little money.

I can not decide whether or not to give this plant a chance or toss it.  I have had it for years but it is not looking good now.

Likewise with this supposedly avocado tree.

I finally finished airing out my camping gear and putting it away by dividing it amongst the three dead cars we have. Though the smoke smell from the campfire is hard to get rid of.

I fell asleep during the ten o'clock news last night so I failed to make a post I, therefore, can not wish you Terlingua Dreams...so have a great day instead and bundle up in anticipation of the Arctic Blast.


  1. $1.19 for gas? On Saturday I spent $3.99 a gallon, I'm in Calif but still!
    The only avocado tree I ever saw was in Los Angeles back in the 60s, I don't know if it freezes there. The tree was huge!
    Do you folks get below freezing every year?

    1. My bad did not catch it in the review...it was $2.199 per gallon but a lot cheaper than what you paid in California.

      We have a few hours of freezing weather sometimes a day or two during winter. Tonight it is supposed to go down to 36 degrees which to us in West Texas is considered cold.

      The Del Rio News-Herald ran a story a couple of years back about a lady that had two huge avocado trees in her backyard so my mother was convinced she could grow one too...it did not work out for her.

  2. I paid $2.039 with my Magic Murphy card this morning and thought I was doing good! $1.19 in unbelievable...it may be worth a trip to Del Rio to fill up. (jk)

    I like your tent.

    1. I made a boo boo...will blame the fact that I can not find my glasses for the glitch.

      You guys in the Alamo City always have good gasoline prices with or without your magic Murphy Oil card.

      I think my cheap nylon tent has made its last appearance in Terlingua.

  3. Gasoline is 3.05 per gal. here in Boise Id. You could bring us a few truck loads and make wages easily . Vern in Boise

    1. Hi Vernon! I made a mistake unleaded gasoline is going for $2.199 for regular unleaded still a good price in comparison to what you are paying in Boise.

      Stay warm!

  4. Great Idea for the Pool Noodles and with their extra thickness will better protect your pipes.
    Our Gas prices are $1.119 a Liter which is almost Four Times your cost.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm through the Arctic Blast.

    It's about time.

    1. Hi Rick and Kathy...I would gladly pay four times the price...if in return I could have free medical coverage. You Canadians are very lucky to have such a great health care system.

  5. I am so sorry Sonny has gone walkabout. Cats can adapt very easily so maybe he has found a new place to hang or will be back. Still, I know you worry.
    Very resourceful about the pool noodles. And I understand about misplacing items. It's a treasure hunt every day here.
    I hope that attic blast will be brief and that you will be warm enough. The caldo sounds delicious.
    I paid $2.99 for gas. My truck gets terrible gas mileage, but it is good in the snow. I have never understood why a single woman has a car instead of a truck? I have had a truck nearly all my life. Never a time you don't need one, for various reasons. Jajaja!
    I hope you didn't lose your Kahlua. You may need it for antifreeze. ;)

    1. Hi Penelope - the one I worry most about leaving is Nico because he is so loving and trusting and I often see him crossing the main street to come home during my morning walks.

      If Sonny found a new home I am OK with that just wish I knew he is alright. Sonny is the second cat I lose this year earlier I lost Rudy and he was another loving cat just like Nico.

      I have always wanted to have a truck but due to both of my parents health it would have been impossible to try to get them in but most importantly down from a truck to take them to their appointments. When I bought my current car my mom was not doing so well...we had to make a lot of out-of-town trips...at the time I had my eye on a SUV but there was no way she could climb into one so had to settle for a sedan.

      I have very little Kahlua left as I was never able to make a trip to Ciudad Acuña to buy a bottle for my Terlingua trip. This is West Texas it does not stay cold for long!

  6. Good move with the pool noodles. We are not having this artic freeze your going to get. We may cool down into the 70's but nights are still not to bad being in the 50's and maybe a 49 here or there.
    Making the Caldo will not only warm up the kitchen but will smell great to.
    Hope your kitty shows up

    1. Consider yourself lucky JO that this arctic blast is not going to affect you. Temperatures have been rapidly dropping since this afternoon with strong northerly winds and light rain.

      Thank you for your good wishes with regards to Sonny...I hope he shows up too.


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