Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Recycling Center / Ollie's and Dollar Tree / KFC

I can not believe it is already December...time has sure flown by! With the Thanksgiving holidays, I had avoided going into town to elude the crowds. The Mexican citizens that had not crossed the border to shop in the United States are thankfully back and it has been a boom to the local economy. Per my border crossing app, the lines at the international bridge were one and a half to two hours plus this weekend. Have I mentioned that I do not venture to Ciudad Acu├▒a during November and December for that same reason?

First stop this morning was picking up the mail at the post office. Post office #1 is across the street from the Federal Courthouse there must have been a big trial because there were law enforcement vehicles everywhere and few parking spaces.

Headed to the Recycling Center to drop off the recyclables I have had in the trunk of my car for a while and was pleasantly surprised to be the only one there. With that checked off my To-Do List, my next stop was Ollie's. Another pleasant surprise awaited as the store was practically empty.

Ollie's has a large section of As Seen On TV products so headed to that section but the Christmas music was so loud that I just picked up what I was actually there for which was to purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard combo. I took pictures but as usual...I am not able to upload them at this time ­čśó

Dollar Tree is in the same strip center so left my purchase in my trunk and headed there. I was lucky to find a cart as there were only about six left. The difference was like night and day from Ollie's there were a LOT of people there.

Headed to find my buttered popcorn, mushrooms, and canned whole jalape├▒os peppers. No luck with the popcorn or mushrooms. Picked up some cleaning supplies and some large cans of Campbell's Tomato soup.

There was no Christmas music playing at this store but two girls decided to start singing as they shopped...they had probably been to Ollie's...­čśä

I almost stopped at Walmart as there were very few cars there but my right foot was starting to hurt so only passed by Murphy Oil USA and confirmed that they had the cheapest gas in town at $2.659 for unleaded and $3.169 for diesel.

Drove by Whataburger and Sirloin Stockade and even though it was around 2:00 p.m. their parking lots were full so had to settle for KFC. They did not have original KFC so had no choice but to buy crispy. I hate it when I cheat on my diet and the food is not up to par!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. We try to avoid any unnecessary shopping at this time of year as well. Glad you are keeping Safe and Enjoy getting out.

    It's about time.

    1. The good thing is that in 28 more days all this will be over and hopefully things can go back to "normal" or at least our new form of normal.

  2. Glad you survived your expedition. I read somewhere that Dollar Tree was going to go up to being $1.29 Tree. We used to have one, but not in a couple of years. At least you've gotten the cheapest gas I've seen in TX (of course, I drove only to SA from my town up to the north 180 miles)....As for KFC, well, I'm always pressed about whether to get the crispy or original, and end up getting one of each. Glad to see your post and that you've been out and about.

    1. I'm glad I survived as well. I wanted to buy my usual staples before the price hike. However, I heard that it was going up to $1.25, not $1.29.

      Usually, San Antonio has the lowest price in gas, even lower than in Houston.

      My dad loved KFC it took a long time for one to come to Del Rio. We use to drive to Laredo with the excuse that he wanted me to get highway driving experience but it was actually so he could buy a bucket of chicken. :-D

      Back in the day, they only sold the original recipe, that is what I grew up eating. The crispy I bought had too much breading, and it was greasy...will never buy it again!

  3. I stopped at a Dollar Tree this week after the Dr. in this store everything is still only a dollar some have new isles that are $5. but most still only a dollar. Gas here is 3.59 Hello tourists.

    1. I believe the $1.25 price is going to kick in starting in 2022 that is why I am trying to stock up on things I use and buy often.

      I figured with all the millions of gallons of gasoline that President Biden released from the national stockpile the nation would be seeing lower prices like the ones we have in Texas. Hopefully, they will be coming to your area soon.


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