Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Early morning gully washer / Eggs are affordable again

Rain is in the forecast this week and the weatherman warned that some might be severe. I woke up at 5:06 a.m. and considered turning on Morning Joe but decided to keep on sleeping. I am always amazed at my good hearing...something I got from my Dad. I am blind as a bat but at least I can hear. 😒

Last night I fell asleep in the living room recliner watching YouTube videos so was closer to the kitchen when I started to hear a dripping sound. How could that be when it wasn't raining? It was coming from the vent hood where we have a leak. I had placed an old metal pot to catch the drip and it paid off...I was able to hear it and by now was wide awake. Then the skies opened up and we had a heck of a gully washer.

This afternoon I needed to run some errands in town. My first stop was going to be HEB followed by the Post Office. However, as you always hear me complain...the HEB parking lot was full...you have to get there early in the morning. We need another store for the people who live in the north part of town so those of us in South Del Rio can have this store to ourselves...😉

Needed to pick up some items at Walmart and to my surprise noticed that egg prices had gone down and were affordable again. 18 large Cage Free Brown eggs $3.94.

I bought the 18 eggs carton of extra large white eggs for $2.04. I had not bought any since October 2022.

I am glad I purchased my cans of Great Value corn and various green beans for .50 cents last month as they have gone up to .64 cents.

I laugh at this brand of tomato sauce that is made in México and am surprised that Velveeta Cheese has not sued them. Though spelled Val Vita the names sound very much the same. This item was also high as Joe V's Smart Shop...owned by HEB...sells these for 5/$1.00 in Houston, Texas. I know that I am "obsessed with this store" but it was my favorite when I lived in Space City, USA. I check their ad weekly for price comparison though there is no comparison with the prices at Joe V's.

One of the items I wanted to purchase at HEB was potato salad so I had to settle for Walmart's. I forgot that they make theirs with onions and though I like them...they should not go in potato salad IMHO.

Gasoline is also on the rise...$2.959 for Unleaded and $3.129 a gallon for Diesel.

For those people that come for recreation to Lake Amistad, here are the lake levels. Hopefully, the current rains will be beneficial. This evening we had another shower but nothing like the one this morning.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. Glad you had another good rain. You are not the only adorer of HEB. My best old friend in San Antonio is sure they are the wonderful gift to the universe. We've been longing for one in my little town, but apparently there is a "non-compete" agreement with them and Brookshire's. I do NOT know if that is true. But it's been bandied about. Anyway, I am envious of the Del Rio HEB.

    1. I will feel better once we get a new roof. With Covid as well as the drought we have put it off longer than we should have.

      While I like our Del Rio HEB...I love my Houston Joe V's Smart Shop which opened up its first store in 2010. It is owned by HEB and carries all of its store brands but it is deeply discounted. They can do this because they do not accept credit cards or checks...just cash and debit cards.

      The Joe V's locations are only located in Houston and the one by my house was the first to open. The prices are out of this world and they always have unadvertised Manager Specials that are unbelievable!

  2. I was in Walmart Grocery store today and the eggs were not that cheap. Also gas here is 4.79!!
    We had all these warnings about bad storms and all we had was a couple 5min down pours but lost power 3 time for just long enough to mess up the digital clocks. I tried out my little power station to see how long it will fun my little fan and it did OK. I saw some usb fans at Family Dollar I hope they still have them I want to pick at least one up if this is how it will be this summer. Have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate summer!!

    1. I recall the last time I posted about egg prices you mentioned that the ones in your town were much cheaper and I was envious since breakfast is my favorite meal. It is cheaper for me to go buy breakfast tacos at Stripes (a Texas convenience store) than buy eggs...that is until yesterday :-D

      The same has been happening with our digital clocks with so many power surges so I decided to unplug them until this bad weather moves out. At least you have had some rain and avoided heavy downpours and flooding like here in Texas.

      I saw some USB fans last month at Walmart and now regret not having purchased one. I know the van ladies and guys swear by them and as long as their power stations have juice they can run them.

      Yes, you have mentioned how much you hate summer and I am right there with you. I hate summer almost as much as I hate mesquite trees :-(


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