Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Mexican Bargains

As I stated in my last post I spent $7.47 USD on my parking fine and tolls to and from Mexico. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I just had to find a way to make up the difference.  Judge for yourself but I think I more than made up for it.

Billy Bob posted his recipe for his famous cherry chocolate cake that looked quite delicious.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I can not cook to save my life. So what is the next best thing?  Go buy a chocolate cake...

                                                  $39.90 divided by 12.55 = USD 3.18

I like jalapenos but I find that there is no consistency in their level of hotness. You never know if you are getting a mild, a medium or a hot crop until you get home.  I do not find that to be true with Serrano peppers.  Serrano peppers at HEB go for $1.78 a pound and they have been quite high in Mexico as well.  Today I lucked out and found them at $9.90 pesos for a Kilo.  Remember folks a kilo = 2.2 pounds.

                                     I bought .865 kilos for 8.56 pesos or .68 US cents for almost 2 pounds
                                                                       or .34 US cents a pound

In the make-up department I found Pond's Oil Control press powder for 28.90 pesos the equivalent of $2.30 USD.  I do not know how much they sell for in the States but I can darn sure tell you it would be at least twice that amount.

This receipt has nothing to do with the press powder.
 It is so you could see a close up of the price of my next bargain.

Are you  ready for my biggest bargain yet?  Here it is........................

A bottle of Don Roberto - Tequila Reposado - Reserva Especial 100% de Agave 1.75 liters for the unbelievable price of $99.00 pesos, yes folks that translates to $7.89 USD....now tell me that is not a GREAT deal?  Even with the State of Texas liquor tax of $4.25 for a bottle of this size it comes to $12.19 USD.

I am not a liquor drinker, I prefer beer but I can certainly appreciate a good frozen margarita from time to time.  Though this is not the best Mexican Tequila it will work great in Terlingua as we pass a bottle around a good roaring campfire.  If you will recall last year my friend brought down an ice chest full of jello shots, so this will be my contribution to this year's cause.  I Googled it and the price range was $40 to $59 dollars.  Anyone out there know for sure?

You are probably saying by now...well Belinda I don't buy chocolate cake, I don't eat serrano peppers, I don't use press powder and I sure as heck don't drink Tequila.  Well it doesn't matter silly...all that matters is that "I" saved a lot of money on this day that more than paid for the fine, the tolls and then some. :)

I forgot to take into consideration that I stopped at my mother's Dentist office to schedule an appointment for some work I need done.  His assistant said if I had time he could examine me now and there would be no charge. He did so and I came away with an estimate and his US telephone number so there would be no international long distance charges incurred on my part. Just that visit alone saved me another trip to Mexico.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Now that would sure wash down that CAKE...

  2. Need to stuff some cream cheese in those peppers, wrap some bacon around them and get 'em on the grill. Just in time for the Margaritas!

  3. I bought me a jug of tequila one time. Had to take it back for a refund 'cause it had a freak'n bug in it.
    It's very typical for a woman to purchase numerous unneeded and unwanted items only because they were either on sale or cheap.

    1. Billy Bob I do not know how you ended up with a bug because distillers have very high quality standards in place to safeguard their product.

      Tequila is Mexico's presentation card to the world and they are very proud of their product and rightly so.

      To be fair you would have to say that BOTH men and women at times buy unneeded items when they are on sale.

    2. It were a freak'n catterpiller MsB. I don't eat catterpillers.

  4. Looks like some good deals. Bravo.


  5. MsBelinda,

    What is the name of that dentist? Does his office have an email address?

    You can tell Billy Bob that he didn't get a bottle of tequila he got a bottle of mescal which has a worm in the 'good stuff'.

    1. Ed his name is Dr. J.A. Ortiz. His card does not show an e-mail address but I am sure he has one and I will ask him for it as soon as I go get my teeth worked on.

      His U.S. telephone number is (830) 317-1345 and he speaks English.

      I will send you an e-mail shortly.

    2. Ed I was going to tell Billy Bob that but if you have ever read him...well, lets say he is always right and let me leave it at that :D


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