Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Monday, February 17, 2014

A lesson in history

I can not in recent memory recall a February in Del Rio that was as hot as this year.  We have already had a high of 92 and today it was a very warm 89 degrees.  I am not complaining...I do not care for cold temperatures...however, it is mighty early in the season for it to be this hot. Everyone is watering their yards and I have already put the plants back outside.

Today we went to see Mom's primary physician for a regular visit and was so glad we did not encounter the zoo that we did last week at another clinic.  Last week I almost got ran over in the parking lot, they could not find a single wheelchair and a lady that should of known better along with her 50 something year old tattooed son were coughing up a storm and did not even bother to cover their mouth.  That woman needed to be in a hospital not spreading germs in a very congested waiting room!

While waiting for your name to be called one has no choice but to listen to other people's conversations.  For once I actually heard one worth listening. Two couples who did not know each other were talking and I learned that one of the men was in the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran when it was taken over back in 1979.  I vividly remember watching Nightline with Ted Koppel as the siege continued for 444 days.  He is a gentlemen from Brackettville a small town about 20 miles east of Del Rio.

The other couple were probably around 65 years old and she told how her dad was a Border Patrol agent and his first assignment was to Langtry, Texas.  She was 10 years old at the time and recalled how they did not have electricity.  They asked her if it was hard and she said, not for her since she was a kid, but that she imagined it must of been for her mother.  She did not mention what state they came from but implied it was one of the northern ones.

For those not familiar with Texas...Langtry is where Old Judge Roy Bean otherwise known as...the Law West of the Pecos...held court many moons ago. Then the ladies father was transferred to Dryden and ultimately to Comstock, Texas.  Folks, there is absolutely nothing there now much less fifty plus years ago. Well, I take that back Comstock has grown quite a bit in the past couple of years due to the additional hiring of Border Patrol agents. Population might be up to 500 by now :)

Really good conversation and as usually happens when you are interested in something...they call your name.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. People my age are just about the last who can remember the old days before TV, electricity and running water (if you lived in the country), etc. I loved those old days and with everyone in the same boat we didn't know we had it rough.

    1. To think those days are back Gypsy and this time by choice. I hope to do that very same thing when I finally fulfill my dream of living in Terlingua :-)

      Thank you for commenting.


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