Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No workable solution

Saturday, I had an almost pain free day...unfortunately that has not been the case since then. Sunday night I went back to sleeping in my zero gravity chair to see if it made a difference...it did not.

I am no doctor, but I am almost certain my leg pain has something to do with my bad back...that would be the lesser of two evils.  It could also be Deep Vein Thrombosis from the symptoms, as I recall a former co-worker almost died from it.

As my regular readers know, I have no health insurance.  Even with the so called Obama Care, the monthly premiums are more than a car note and would take a big bite out of my monthly budget.  Supposing I bought the insurance my deductible (I would go with the cheapest one) would be $6,000.00 a year.  I know that sounds like a lot but from my experience with my mother's medical bills, it would easily take a hospital stay of one day to meet that.

The problem is that we have no specialists in Del Rio, I would have to go to San Antonio or San Angelo, Texas. The same thing applies if I go to Mexico for treatment.  There are no specialists in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila would have to go to the capital city of Saltillo, Coahuila or Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

I can not forget that in my absence who is going to take care of my mother?  For that matter who is going to take care of me?

Like I said, I have been doing a lot of thinking but I have yet to arrive at a workable solution.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. My bad hip causes my leg pain. Don't know what i'd do without insurance. Horrible situation.

    1. You are very fortunate to have insurance and a big family nearby should you require their assistance.

  2. I sure hope that the pain will go away on its own and that it is nothing serious.

  3. You are between a rock and a hard place, and it is a disgrace that a country with the wealth of ours has millions of folks in your situation. Rather than all the aid to other countries, the tax breaks so that the wealthy pay less than the lower middle class, all the wars we've been wasting money on, the U.S. should provide ALL its citizens decent medical care under a one payer system. But that would cut into the profits of all those insurance companies so it won't ever happen.

  4. ... the U.S. should provide ALL its citizens decent medical care under a one payer system.

    That is a fine sentiment but have you ever experienced such a system. I saw what the one payer system provided in Bulgaria during it's communist years and what remained of that system. It was not something that you would be proud of.

    ...that a country with the wealth of ours....
    You speak of wealth when the Federal Government has a $17 Trillion debt, the States/Cities/Counties and Personal debt is another $17 Trillion and when you add in Business debt the grand total is something over $50 Trillion. That does NOT include all the unfunded promises that our government has made that are estimated to be in the $200 Trillion range.

    The country was far wealthier in the late '40s right after fighting WWII than it is today!


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