Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Darn Men Gossipers!!!

Did a lot of running around today.  First stop was pre-registering mother at the hospital for routine tests.  Just as I got there the air ambulance was taking off.

The recycling center is close by so off I went to unload my water bottles and metal cans.

Did not know they accepted regular batteries, so will be making another trip in the near future. Disappointed to learn you can not recycle yogurt containers or styrofoam egg cartons.  They only take the 3 dozen type of egg cartons for the local kindergarten teachers.

My final stop was to HEB to pick up a couple of items as well as mother's prescriptions.  Wanted to buy some soup and headed on down to that aisle.  There were two men who apparently had not seen each other in a while blocking the aisle as they chewed the fat.

They did not seem a bit concerned that they were holding up traffic.  Left my cart and made my way in between them to get some soup.  Thought how rude it was of them so decided to come back after I picked up some other stuff.  Came back 10 minutes later and they were still at it.  This time the recently retired gentlemen was giving his friend a full account of all the places he had been to and those he was hoping to return to.

Decided to go pick up mother's prescriptions and surely they would be through with their chit chat by then. Fifteen minutes later they had not moved an inch!  Who in the heck says that women are gossipers?  Men, in particular these two can certainly hold their own!

It was a lovely day with a high of 81 degrees even though it felt higher to me.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I like to talk, but I don't gossip. . . Now, did you hear what so and so did?

  2. I'm surprised no one asked them to move it somewhere else.

    1. Actually they must have because the last time I came by they had moved their carts to the same side of the aisle. As rude as they were, I am sure they did not do it of their own accord.

      Unfortunately for me, they were now blocking the entire canned soup section.


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