Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jessy Serrata, "Mr. Iron Throat"

I have been a little bummed since I learned last night that one of my favorite Tejano singers died. Tejano Legend Jessy Serrata, also known as "Mr. Iron Throat" passed away on August 4, 2017, he was 63 years old and succumbed to Stage 3 Kidney cancer. He played with several bands throughout his career. I met him when he played with Bobby Naranjo and Dirección.

I once mentioned a very popular Tejano nightclub in Houston that did not advertise and one only knew of its existence by word of mouth. That is where I was fortunate enough to meet him and be able to see his metamorphosis into the legend he was destined to become. RIP Jessy.

If you would like to a listen to sample of this musical genius, here is a sampling...https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ObZysMAkvb4

Would have loved to have been able to drive to a location where I could have experienced the solar eclipse in its totality...if I am alive in seven years...I hope to be able to see it from Del Rio, Kerrville or wherever I may be at that time.

I am still having problems with Windows 10 after yesterday's update and now I am wondering if it is not on purpose.  For some reason, it keeps on wanting me to use Microsoft Edge as my browser. Where is my tall weathered cowboy who is computer savvy?

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Whatever you do, do NOT click on the pop-up from Microsoft. I got scammed a little over a year ago clicking on a Microsoft popup "fix" that was a total scam even though it looked so official. Went through a lot of trouble to get out of it! Even had to file a report with the FBI.

    Microsoft real support # is 1-800-642-7676

    Online address: support.microsoft
    and if you get scammed : support.microsoft/reportascam

    If you turn off your computer and take out the battery for a few seconds, replace it and turn it back on it will sometimes work too (laptop) They had me do that and it worked. Maybe your tall, weathered cowboy computer nerd can explain why cause I sure don't know.

    They are making a big thing out of Kawhi smiling aren't they?

    1. Thank you Andy. I have disconnected my desktop and plan on calling the HP help line tomorrow.

      I must admit a smiling Kawhi is a rare but fine sight to behold.

  2. It's always sad when someone you like passes..

    On W10...I downloaded Chrome, went to that search block in the lower left corner and typed in "defaults". Then I found the browser section and told it to use chrome.
    I did the same for the free adobe .pdf reader & "Open office".


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